Convocation – Scars Across

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Convocation is a Finnish project band comprised of two members who are behind the conceptual theme and music. Formed in 2017 combining the visual minds of LL from Desolate Shrine (whose duty mostly covers the musical aspects and instrumentation) and M.Neuman from Dark Buddha Rising (who brings the devilry and the wickedness aspect to the vocals). Convocation’s eerie enchantment sets their debut album on a path of hallucination. The musical experience of Scars Across is an overwhelming piece of monumental work, while the music has been extracted from various styles.

Scars Across contains four prolonged tracks which can be described as obscure funeral doom metal. With the first striking chords of crushing death doom metal, Convocation endeavors with overture tunes of foreboding darkness. From the grand inception of the opening track Disposed, you will sense the ominous aura. The guitar riffs are heavily distorted, repeated through rhythmic patterns. The growls of M.Neuman are grim and quite adequate to the style of funeral doom metal.

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Throughout the four  tracks you will slowly sense the transcendence into the funeral doom spectrum. Woeful cries enhance the atmosphere with laments, while the music slowly creeps into your ears. Convocation exemplifies the ambient parts of Desolate Shrine more profoundly. Each instrument is utilized equally to create a haunted atmosphere, as for the riffs they are very heavy and crushing. The diffusion of the creepy keyboards with the cries of lamentations reflects a gloomy personification of a funeral. The third track Ruins of Ourselves begins with a dark mysterious tune and bizarre chants of despair fill in the atmosphere. Heavy laden guitar ebb and flow, the vocals -ranging between haunting bizarre chants and grunts- are noteworthy. The drums keep a constant rhythm throughout the track.

Allied POWs begins with a massive riff resembling a spectacular standard of atmospheric funeral death/doom. Prominent growls and clean vocals intermingle with rhythmic guitar which are layered with eerie ambiance. Allied POWs is an example of how death doom metal can be so crushingly heavy. The piano interludes with hypnotizing acoustic guitar make Scars Across a grandiose finale. Scars Across is overwhelmed with echoes of torment, bleak visions illustrated with lucid dreams of the apocalypse. It’s a gloomy soundtrack improvised with heavy riffs that overflows with ghastly synth like waves, and guttural vocals. Besides the musical experience of Convocation, the album cover has an artistic appearance, as both dramatically appeal to each other.

Convocation is an odyssey across the spectral realm, where spirits are immured in a woeful domain. The debut album is brilliantly weaved, Scars Across will be released by the Italian underground label Everlasting Spew Records on March the 30th. And it surely requires all attention from fans of death/doom metal.

Release date : March 30th, 2018
Label : Everlasting Spew Records 
Tracklist :
2.Ruins of Ourselves
3.Allied POWs
4.Scars Across


  • Music 9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals9/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality8/10
8.6Convocation’s eerie enchantment sets their debut album on a path of hallucination. The musical experience of Scars Across is an overwhelming piece of monumental work.