Escumergäment – …ni de gu fazentz escumergäment e mesorga…

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Avantgarde Music presents the astonishing debut album “…ni de gu fazentz escumergäment e mesorga…” of the Swedish enigmatic black metal band Escumergamënt. Without any further information regarding this anonymous group or the identity of the musicians, we are left with an inspiring piece of a dark brooding oeuvre. Both the album title and the band name are related to the Occitan language which was used back in the medieval centuries. The musicians here provide some kind of ancient and unique medieval theme where it perfectly complements the album artwork that depicts a hazy forest of silhouetted trees covered in thick mist. On this debut which has an time-length of forty-five minutes the music truly speaks for itself. And while many bands often strive to find their musical niche to characterize themselves among others. 

Escumergamënt musical style is beyond the boundaries of the stereotypes although in our contemporary times the genre of black metal has become somewhat obscure and hard to define. Such is the eeriness of this Swedish ensemble whose songs are vaguely inspired by few black metal acts of the nineties era. The opening track “Of Old Night and Winter” unfolds in the arcane tradition. The muffling beating of the drums and atmospheric keys becomes so deep. Escumergamënt managed to convey their craft in the eerie form of atmospheric black metal the screeching style of vocalization would give you the chills. Across the six atmospheric tracks, the music slowly drags you through the arcane realm of mystery.

The guitars boast dismal melodies where the emphasis is left on creating a mesmerizing sensation. “…ni de gu fazentz escumergamënt e mesorga…” will leave the listener mystified by its musical twists. This is to say that the debut draws the aesthetics of the second wave black metal from the likes of Manes, Burzum, and Abigor. For example, the keyboards on the following track “To Envy the Corpses” have subtle nuances to dungeon synth. The riffing is quite fuzzy and enhanced by chord progression with many changes in the musical pacing brought to effect. The debut mainly evokes the ancient art of atmospheric black metal focusing on creating an arcane quality. There are elements such as the tremolo pickings that are also incorporated into the song composition. With this classic approach of their musical enchantment, Escumergamënt presents the forgotten ideals of European black metal.

One of the main attributes of the debut album is the sound production that matches the quality of the bygone era. And this is the reason why they have such a unique sound. By merging certain effects such as the eerie soundscapes of the synth, Escumergamënt unveil something dark and brooding at the same time. Most of the songs are prone to slow and mid-tempo and they also contain some fast-drumming sections that can be heard on “Antediluviam”. Here the drums shift to blast beats and become paired with tremolo-picked riffs.

Tracks like “I Sang of Murder” capture dark and somber tones with the use of keyboards, creating many chilling moments that offer escapism. Most of the time the music is played at mid-pacing tempo with guitars fully drenched in dark melodies. Even in this sophisticated work of art, the Swedish ensemble managed to sound creative. The role of keyboards on tracks such as “The Grievous Miracle” creates a melancholic bleakness with a creeping synth and ghoulish screams that build up the pace. There are various melodies and emotions utilized to manipulate your senses, the final track “Black Ash and Ruin” emphasizes the tremolo-picked riffs and eerie rhythms. 

…ni de gu fazentz escumergamënt e mesorga…” is a very dark and mysterious album, its musical quality is certainly not of this time. With the effects of the keyboards as well as the lead guitars structured in the old-fashioned method. Escumergamënt with their debut album reminds me of the early albums of bands such as Burzum, Limbonic Art, and Manes. While this kind of craft can be traced through time the songs here are defined by the quality of the songwriting and eloquence. Hence the musical phrasing is always changing with different tones and archaic melodies have given its mystique nature. Although I don’t recall any band that has presented something close to this album, this is truly an inventive masterpiece. Escumergamënt has aptly possessed new standards of interpretation and they have clearly transcended beyond the norms. 

Release Date: March 12th, 2021
Label: Avantgarde Music
Track list:

  1. Of Old Night and Winter
  2. To Envy the Corpses
  3. Antediluvium
  4. I Sang of Murder
  5. The Grievous Miracle
  6. Black Ash and Ruin


  • Music10/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 10/10
  • Production 10/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality9/10
9.6“ de gu fazentz escumergamënt e mesorga…” is a very dark and mysterious album, its musical quality is certainly not of this time, Escumergamënt has aptly possessed new standards of interpretation and they have clearly transcended beyond the norms.
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