Killing Addiction – Mind of a New God

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Florida-based death metal band Killing Addiction returns at their best form with the sophomore release ‘Mind of a New God‘. Formed in 1988, the band achieved local recognition in the underground scene of the USA.  Over time Killing Addiction hasn’t abandoned its raw, vicious style, they have rather evolved towards a visceral death metal sound. After reforming in 2006 they released several EPs only to surprise us now with an unexpected album. But unlike the Florida style death metal, their musical work incorporates the classic brutality similar to N.Y. death metal bands such as Rottrevore, Incantation and Morpheus Descends. The lineup of the virtuoso members includes Patrick Bailey (bass, vocals), Chris Wicklein (guitars), Chris York (drums) and Devon McDonough (guitars). Since their inaugural stage this Floridian quartet showed a propensity towards aggression and technicality. What makes the sophomore so appealing, is the growling style of the vocalist, Patrick Bailey. Having a thirty-three year gap between the classic debut effort ‘Omega Factor‘, the riffs on the new album are brought with gripping power.

The album features nine new tracks. Killing Addiction takes a leap to swift brutality. The album title track conveys infectious riffs whereas the tone of the vocals is identical to the debut album. ‘Mind of A New God‘ is an excellent album molded with powerful riffs and blast beats. Despite the short length of thirty-six minutes, the latest material is based on a coherent song structure. Being one of the many bands that achieved an original sound in the early nineties, the songs on the album venture into various tempos. ‘As Utopia Burns‘ is packed full of massive riffs and bludgeoning drums. There is an emphasis on brutality and technicality among the songs. 

These veterans have managed to convey that true old school feeling proving that the long-established death metal bands are fully mindful of delivering their signature style. Driven by intensive riffs and complex solos ‘Prophecy Armageddon‘ tackles groove and effective brutality without losing any dynamic power. While the style here is somehow reminiscent of early Morta Skuld, there are elements of grindcore injected into the song composition. With slow tempo changes delivered on tracks like ‘Destroyer of Worlds‘, Killing Addiction mixes old-school technicality with the entire flow shifted towards heavy drumming inflictions.

Riffs, on the other hand, are brutal and offer many hooks. Another song that is worthy of mention is ‘Lives Unworthy of Life‘ which contains fast tempos. Many songs transform from mid-tempo to fast moments. The riffs on ‘Mind of a New God‘ have that old-school quality that you won’t hear from the modern old-school death metal bands and that’s because the band eschews recycling their riffs. Concerning the production of the album, the sound quality is great, which is what makes the songs sound clear. In my opinion, the newest album doesn’t lack any sort of originality. The sheer musical capability of these veterans in redefining their style has resulted in fully fresh and developed songs. ‘Dark Realm Atrocity‘ includes crushing brutality in which the guitar riffs provide a boosting power.

The main difference between the latest output and the predecessor is that the band has taken to a more gritty and aggressive style of death metal. Guitarists Chris Wicklein and Devon McDonough have conveyed meaty riffs. Overall, the songs on ‘Mind of a New God‘ are balanced between technical elements and straight death metal atrocity. ‘Condemned to Nothingness‘ is consistent in its riffing accuracy whereas ‘The Chaos Older than Time’ moves into the classic style of death/doom.

The song begins with a monstrous slow riff that captures the vibe of doom metal, then moves into a mid-tempo pace. The closing track ‘Altered at Birth‘ continues with the heavy double bass and tight riffing vigorousness. Killing Addiction‘s sophomore album is a must for fans who like Florida-styled death metal. If you are into bands like Accidental Suicide, Morta Skuld and Rottrevore, then this is for you.

Release Date: June 1st, 2021
Label: Xtreem Music

  1. Mind of a New God
  2. As Utopia Burns
  3. Prophecy Armageddon
  4. Destroyer of Worlds
  5. Lives Unworthy of Life
  6. Dark Realm Atrocity
  7. Condemned To Nothingness
  8. The Chaos Older Than Time
  9. Altered at Birth



  • Music9/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics9/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality9/10
8.8'Mind of A New God' is an excellent album molded with powerful riffs and blast beats. Despite the short length of thirty-six minutes the latest material is based on a coherent song structure.
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