The Spirit – Cosmic Terror

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Following a successful debut album ‘Sounds from the Vortex‘, which was released three years ago, German masters The Spirit are back with a brand new album. ‘Cosmic Terror‘ which is the title of the band’s newest offering extends beyond the previous effort. The lineup is consists of MS on drums, MT on guitars/vocals and AT on bass guitar. The trio illustrate a unique style of melodic black metal through aggression that is usually found in death metal. Since their debut album, the band became most adherent to Jon Nödtveidt‘s legacy. Shaping their sound further on the rapid tempos, The Spirit wields superb performances by carrying the influence of Dissection, and by injecting blistering tremolo-picked riffs and melodies which outlines their musical qualities. These trademarks may have defined the style of the German trio on the debut, though the new album refines their music to a newer level.

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There are plenty of influences from the second wave of black metal however The Spirit cement their craft with dexterity, while melodies remain as the main feature. The quality of rhythm guitar is brought into full scale here. Album opener ‘Serpent As Time Reveals‘ is testimony to the band’s latest refinement. The trademark sinister melodies and tremolo-picked riffs are unleashed by series of blast beats. Even with sudden breakdowns The Spirit transforms the music into a fast and blistering pace.

The vocal performance is superb and there are plenty of hooks and aggressive riffs achieved by the dominant scorch of melodies, and by the assertive tonality of the riffs. From the surge of tremolo pickings that are centered throughout the album the band also showcases some progressive touches. 

Cosmic Terror‘ presents seven new tracks delivered in the modern style of Scandinavian black metal. The guitars are brilliantly performed and there are many catchy hooks inserted into the song structure. ‘Strive for Salvation’ is demarcated from the tone of humming bass guitar and sinister riffs. This track is calculated by pure melodies of Swedish black metal, ‘Cosmic Terror‘ feels more focused than the debut. The Spirit shows uncompromising aggression and the songs have many memorable moments.

The guitar work channels the legacy of Jon Nödtveidt. The album is built on Dissection’s albums such as ‘Storm of the Light’s Bane’ and ‘Reinkaos‘. Driven by passion and enthusiasm, The Spirit doesn’t only capture these aspects. In fact, the trio has shown intellectual and creative work, for example, the third track ‘Repugnant Human Scum‘. Ornate excessive melodies and allows them to flow into mid-tempo. The drums are absolutely unrestrained although the songs here are consistently dominated by riffs. ‘Cosmic Terror‘ is a natural progression from the debut; the display is very much focused on tremolos.

MT‘s vocals are uttered with raspy growls which are quite typical for black metal. The trio is capable of finding the balance between tempos and in such moments you can hear intricate melodies. The Spirit depends on the progressive nature of their musical craft, as they intrepidly venture to experimental fields. ‘The Path of Solitude‘ explores these territories. On this track they prove that they can push their boundaries beyond the prominent melodies and the chord progression. A testimony of their musical scale.

The harmonizing lead guitars create many slow passages with drums altering the tempo. Sophisticated melodies and rhythm guitar ripple through the blast beats. The cohesive force of the music morphs into the blistering tremolos, while semi-thrash metal riffs are also brought to light.

Pillars of Doom‘ brings the tremendous intensity of tremolo pickings. The album showcases the technical talent of the band. The majesty of the second wave of black metal is evoked by the surge of melodies. ‘Cosmic Terror’ is devoid of any acoustic guitar sections although the melodies and the vocals are nicely integrated.

The Wide Emptiness’ is concluded through the same formula, only this time the track is achieved by impressive guitar solos. Yet the splendid tone of the riffs and aggression does miracles halfway through the track. The album title track is an instrumental cut and fuses the melodic patterns and catchy solos creating a menacing atmosphere. Even the instrumental song combines these compositions. ‘Cosmic Terror‘ is a dynamic album well satiated with vibrant melodies and rhythm guitar. Set with a remarkable performance from the trio who has released another strong album.

Release Date: Release Date: February 7th, 2020
Label: Art of Propaganda
Track list:

  1. Serpent As Time Reveals
  2. Strive for Salvation
  3. Repugnant Human Scum
  4. The Path of Solitude
  5. Pillars of Doom
  6. The Wide Emptiness
  7. Cosmic Terror



  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals9/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality8/10
8.6Cosmic Terror is a dynamic album with vibrant melodies and rhythm guitar, set with a remarkable performance from the trio who has released another strong album.
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