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After their earlier acclaimed release, Karg is back next year with yet another album!

These days it is very common that bands release one or more songs before they release a new album in its entirety. Recently some major bands in their genre have done just that. First up is Gojira, it hs been 4 years since they released their highly acclaimed ‘L’enfant Sauvage’. In june they will release […]

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Since the debut album, the band became the most adherents for Jon Nödtveidt’s legacy.

Welcome to the Wasteland! Seer brings you an incredibly creative, imaginary and technical piece of music in 2 parts that’ll take you to a total other place.

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Antwerpen met één van de sterkhouders van de Duitse blackmetalscene aan het werk te zien: Der Weg Einer Freiheit.