Thundermother – Black And Gold

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Yes - finally they did it again - Sweden's hottest #1 rock export Thundermother have released their newest album 'Black And Gold' on Aug 19th, 2022.

With four studio albums to date and a large number of awesome live shows in 2022, the Swedish all-female band Thundermother has proved its outstanding artistic potential over and over again. Their new release ‘Black And Gold’ shows that these exceptionally talented musicians have bundled their remarkable skills yet again to create another landmark in their career. ‘Black And Gold’ is doubtlessly a very strong album featuring twelve haunting rock songs. It is a worthy follow-up to their last album ‘Heatwave’; which reached number 6 in the German charts. ‘Black And Gold’ was produced, mixed and mastered in Stockholm at the Baggpipe Studios and at Copenhagen’s Medley Studio by Søren Andersen from Denmark, who has been responsible for ‘Heatwave’ already.

What will you find on Thundermother‘s the new long player? 12 great (hard) rock songs and you are not able to really pick one out or find a dropout song. It continues where ‘Heatwave’ ended and simply goes on. Stadium/arena rock hymns to sing along right from the opening track ‘The Light In The Sky’ and continuing with the title track ‘Black And Gold’. Your head will bang and get pulled along … party mode on! All driven and pushed by lead singer Guernica Mancini‘s amazing voice and the guitar riffs from guitarist Filippa Nässil – who is a beast on her instrument. Her solos are just giving a kick to the songs. If you can’t get to this conclusion by just listening to the album – go see her live! The forth track ‘Hot Mess’ is soulful rock ballad that shows what Guernica‘s voice is really capable of: singing with so much heart, emotions and  making full use of that voluminous voice. Not to forget Mona Lindgren on bass and Emlee Johansson on drums providing the right drive and rhythm. All members of the band are great masters of their respective instruments. No doubt about this. The whole album is fun to listen from start to finish. You’ll find a lot of classic rock song elements, sometimes with more up-tempo, some more 70-80 classic sounds.

Thundermother is a rock band that lives and loves rock ‘n’ roll – you’ll hear it on every single note of the album. They are putting in all their heart and soul into their songs. This time the album is produced a little more clean and commercially – sometimes I do miss the rough edges that the predecessor ‘Heatwave’ still had but this is just personal preference. This is an album with hit-, airplay- and high chart ranking potential and probably can be the door opener to the world outside of Europe. Even though I believe there will be a radio edit to cut out the word ‘Motherf**kers’ at the end of ‘Watch Out’. The upcoming support gigs for the Scorpions on the ‘Rock Believer’ tour in the US and Canada will show. If you have the chance to see them live, it’s worth your while.


  • Music / Songwriting 9/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 10/10
  • Mix / Production 10/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 9/10
  • Originality 8/10

This is good-mood party rock’n roll and hardrock. Stadium-hymn and party style. Greatly produced and fun to listen. Recommended!

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