To The Grave – Epilogue

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To The Grave is an Australian deathcore band founded somewhere back in 2013. Never heard of this guys before but I know for sure this is gonna change with their latest release ‘Epilogue.’ The first eleven tracks on this release were already featured on their 2019 album called ‘Global Warning’. That means we have only 8 new tracks but that’s not really a big deal for me, since I never heard their music it might be a proper introduction to them, so I’m giving it a shot.

This album counts 19 songs and is one hell of a ride and I can tell you already that this is a very brutal trip. They open up the album with ‘Holocaustralia – Global Warning’ and it immediately sets the tone. After a short intro they blast you away with the phrase “Welcome to hell on earth” and the brutal soundscape just hits you in the face. And what a massive sound it is that is coming your way. Dane Evans (vocals) is just screaming and grunting his way through this song with an amazing voice and it’s only the beginning. ‘Ecocide’ goes on all the way with the brutal sound and touches the limits of the deathcore genre with some amazing blast beats and crushing guitar riffs.

On ‘Pest Control’ these guys keep on blasting, this is high quality deathcore. They will gain a lot of souls this year, no doubt about that. On ‘Hell Hole’ they continue their crushing crusade, followed by ‘Slaughter Forever’ which is another bone breaking deathcore song. ‘Gristle Blower’ goes further where ‘Ecocide’ ended in touching the limits of their brutal sound. If they can pull this off live it will be a battlefield. Sleep is for the weak when ‘The Devil In Sheepskin’ takes off like a freaking canon ball. ‘Wastage’ provides us with a brief moment of rest through melodic riffs but then they take off again with their destructive brutal sound. I love these guys.

Next in line is ‘Skin Like Pigs’ with astonishing drum work from Simon O’Malley, who is an absolute beast on drums. ‘Lips & Assholes and Seven Billions Reasons Why’ goes further on their destructive journey and is also the last song that was released on their 2019 album and we now entering the realm of new songs. On ‘Hear Evil, See Evil’ we get a very creepy atmosphere with some blasting deathcore and is also the shortest song on this album. All the more impressive that in this short of a time they create this brutal of a monster. And then we have the track of (and possibly about) the year called ‘Miserable Summer’, just check it out yourself:

‘[•REC] ‘slaps us in the face with some massive hardcore vibes, while ‘Terrorist Threat’ is one of the newest tracks for their new album and again a brutal piece of art. ‘Kill Shelter’ continues with the brutal journey and we are already at the end. But no worries, it’s not completely over yet, there is still some more brutal music coming our way. What do you think of ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’: the blast beats are still growing strong and still crushing and beating our ears to pulp. Two songs left on this astonishing journey. ‘Recoil In Horror‘ is deathcore avant la lettre and ‘The Ghost Of You’ is the perfect ending of this brutal collection of skillfully crafted deathcore tracks!

Release Date: April 16th, 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records

  1. Holocaustralia
  2. Ecocide
  3. Pest Control
  4. Hell Hole
  5. Slaughter Forever
  6. Gristle Blower
  7. The Devil In Sheepskin
  8. Wastage
  9. Skin Like Pigs
  10. Lips & Assholes
  11. Seven Billion Reasons Why
  12. Hear Evil, See Evil (The Haunting Of 2624 Dog Trap RD)
  13. Miserable Summer
  14. [•REC]
  15. Terrorist Threat
  16. Kill Shelter
  17. Death By A Thousand Cuts
  18. Recoil In Horror
  19. The Ghost Of You

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  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals9/10
  • Production/Mix9/10
  • Artwork/Packaging8/10
  • Originality7/10
8.4The Australian guys of To The Grave came out with a new piece of deathcore art, 19 songs of the most beautiful and brutal deathcore you have ever witnessed, both re-released and brand new tracks.
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