Amorphis 30th anniversary show: the 2nd decade (Tavastia, Helsinki) – 15/10/2020

2020 was to be a celebration year for the popular Finnish metal band Amorphis. After 30 years they’ve amassed an impressive catalogue with 13 full-lengths, going through plenty of genres along the way. They set up to do a massive 3-day event at the legendary and historic rock temple Tavastia in Helsinki during which every evening would go over another decade of their career. This was going to attract most likely fans from all over the world, but then the pandemic hit hard and those plans had to be postponed. After a great live stream show (read our report here) and waiting for a long time, they decided to still do their anniversary shows at Tavastia with a lot of precautions. We chose to go for the 2nd show with the 2nd decade of their career (2000-2009) and these are the pictures of the night:

For the full report of the show, go here.


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