Black metal outfit SELBST premiered the video ‘Chant Of Self Confrontation’

As Black Metal band SELBST reaches its 14th year, composer and multi-instrumentalist N reveals details of upcoming third album, “Despondency Chord Progressions”. This fittingly named and emotively dynamic masterpiece will be released on April 19th will be released on CD, vinyl, tape and digital formats via Debemur Morti Productions. It showcases an accomplished blend of introspection and fervor, embodied in seven exquisitely crafted compositions flowing with passionate melodies:

“Despondency Chord Progressions”, the aptly-titled and movingly dynamic third album from SELBST, finds the Venezuelan Black Metal band deepening, clarifying and confidently channelling the dark waters of their already elaborate sound. And now the band has shared the single and video ‘Chant Of Self Confrontation’ as a first taste:

Following the bludgeoning restlessness of DMP debut, 2020’s “Relatos De Angustia”, the band here steps forward with a fully-fledged sense of purpose – balancing introspection and anger via beautifully flowing arrangements brimming with impassioned melodies.

SELBST still rain down tumultuous hammer blows – their trademark ‘dissonant’ Black Metal intensity remains – but these now share equal space with elevated songwriting, assured vocal work, richly intricate musicality and mellifluous leads of the highest quality, glued together by a pristine drum performance from Jonathan Heredia (AVERSIO HUMANITATIS, ETERNAL STORM).

In the words of sole-composer/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist ‘N‘:

“This album represents a personal journey in which I have allowed myself to explore more open musical textures, hence the importance of the title itself. Lyrically, I have created manifestos of self-contempt and reflection that flowed through this solitary journey towards the edges of loneliness, attesting to how insignificant and futile we are in the face of the blind and indifferent nature that surrounds us, of which we will ultimately become a part at the end of our insignificant passage through this world, when it finally consumes us…”

The album’s artwork and layout were created by Fabio Rincones.

N is responsible for all composition, music and lyrics. Guitars, bass and vocals were captured by N at Unpleasant Records. Drums were performed by Jonathan Heredia and recorded by Simón Da Silva of AVERSIO HUMANITATIS, who also mixed and mastered the album at The Empty Hall Studio.

N delves into the significance of the album’s title and its cover artwork:

Following a bit of what was presented in my previous offering (“Relatos de Angustia“) and considering that there is no overarching theme connecting all the tracks as in a conceptual album, I wanted the title to somehow encompass the tone in terms of lyrics that were being expressed throughout the seven tracks that make up the entirety of this recording. For me, these themes bear witness to the times we are living in and that I have witnessed — discouraging and violent times where everything seems to be slowly but inexorably approaching an almost certain global decline. Also, because this time I allowed myself (or perhaps it just flowed this way) to explore musically some other textures that I hadn’t exploited before. I found the idea interesting that this perhaps more melancholic and musically mature aspect would also be somehow reflected in the title. Therefore, “Despondency Chord Progressions” I believe is a very open but at the same time precise way of defining what this record contains.

When it comes to the artwork: From the very moment of conception, all creatures are condemned to the overwhelming indifference of nature, and because of this, to death. This is something that we, as humans, cannot escape, being even weaker than many other species. I believe that the innate fragility of our species is reflected in this art, in addition to the indifference with which nature and life itself treat us along our tortuous path. This is why this artwork represents both the beginning and the end of our journey. All at once.

  1. La encarnación de todos los miedos
  2. When True Loneliness Is Experienced
  3. Third World Wretchedness
  4. Chant Of Self Confrontation
  5. The One Who Blackens Everything
  6. Between Seclusion And Obsession
  7. The Stench Of A Dead Spirit

SELBST was formed 2010 in Venezuela by multi-instrumentalist/lyricist N and vocalist Frozen, releasing their initial demo “Veritas Filia Temporis” shortly afterwards. In 2016 N moved to Chile to search out new collaborators and opportunities. The resultant self-titled full-length, featuring vocals by N. Onfray of ANIMUS MORTIS, was released in 2017 to great underground acclaim.

In 2018 N became SELBST‘s lead vocalist and the project turned into a fully-fledged live band, taking to the stage for the first time as the next step of their evolution. The band unleashed second album, “Relatos de Angustia“, in 2020 – a universally praised, deep and challenging record which rewarded repeat listens.

SELBST subsequently honed their artistry and the band’s evolution into a formidable live act was marked by the 2023 digital release of live album, “Vortex Of Anguish And Death“.

As SELBST reaches its 14th year, visionary N is now poised to reveal the band’s third and most compelling album yet. Titled “Despondency Chord Progressions,” this landmark release will emerge on April 19th through Debemur Morti Productions and further refines the intricate, shadowy depths of their already sophisticated sound.

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