Blackstar Halo released new music video and single

Tampere-based Blackstar Halo releases a music video and single for the song “Wolf the Mender” from their previous album “Siren”, which was first performed 10 years ago at Club Aurora in St. Petersburg. The song was so well received by the audience that it was destined to become the album’s opening single. “The Queen” was eventually chosen as the opening track and “Wolf” had to wait. The music video was already started in 2019, but after several twists and turns, it finally took its shape in the hands of Mikko Kaistinen. The band is currently composing a new album, which will start recording at the end of the year.

Wolf The Mender‘s video is directed and shot by Mikko Kaistinen. The video is a homage to 80s b-grade splatter horror movies. The band is not seen in the video, apart from Ville Hovi‘s parts. The video also features Iida Sams, who sings additional vocals.

Listen to the single on music services:

The song is from the lighter end of the band’s repertoire and draws on the simpler melodic sounds of yesteryear. The upbeat melodic metal rally was written by Ville Hovi and Hannu Kumpula.

“The song is a story-like classic metal piece that will hopefully get the audience to sing along in the chorus,” says Hovi.

Blackstar Halo has released albums “Illuminated” and “Siren” under its current name (formerly Downfall), which have taken the band to festivals such as Copenhagen Live in Denmark with Rammstein and Bullet for my Valentine, as well as opening for bands such as Scar Symmetry, Lacuna Coil, W.A.S.P, Amorphis and Tarot.

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