Category: Death Metal

DESERTED FEAR release new single and video for “Reborn Paradise”

German melodeath outfit Deserted Fear unleash a second single of their upcoming full-length album 'Doomsday'!

SCHIZOPHRENIA unleash brand new single “Inside The Walls Of Madness”!

Belgian deathrashers of Schizophrenia unleash a new track from their upcoming new full-length 'Recollections Of The Insane'!

Abyssus – Death Revival

The sophomore 'Death Revival' of the Greek stalwarts Abyssus proves that their songwriting and musicianship is at peak level.

Druid Lord – Relics of the Dead

Druid Lord has developed a unique brand of death/doom metal, “Relics of the Dead” churns some slow-burn doomy riffs dragging you slowly into the darkest pits of...

Melodic death metal act CREDIC shares brand new music video!

Melodeath act Credic released a video for the title track of their upcoming album 'Vermillion Oceans'!

VENOM PRISON release “Nemesis”, taken from “Erebos”, out February 4th, 2022

Metal outfit Venom Prison is back with yet another track from their upcoming album 'Erebos'!

Verbum – Exhortation to the Impure

Verbum's first full length album "Exhortation to the Impure" takes a profound approach to death/doom metal, this is definitely an album that you shouldn't miss.

Blizzard is here! Finnish melodic death metal band SHADE OF SORROW released a new video

Finnish melodeath one-man-project Shade Of Sorrow unleashes another with melancholy drenched track in the form of 'Meteor'.

Copenhagen death doom force KONVENT announces new album

Danish death doom outfit Konvent return with their sophomore release 'Call Down The Sun' and unveil a first track and video with 'Grains'

HEIDRA release new album “To Hell Or Kingdom Come” in April

The symphonic viking metallers of Heidra announce the approach of their next release 'To Hell Or Kingdom Come'!