Category: Death Metal

Reject The Sickness ‘While Our World Dissolves Tour’ (JH Asgaard, Gentbrugge) – 16/10/2021

Reject the sickness introduce their new album 'While our world dissolves' On their tour they make a stop in Asgaard Gentbrugge.

Interview Bloodred Hourglass – “We went with the approach that it was the time to change the outcome a little”

Watch the chat we had with vocalist Jarkko from the Finnish melodeath outfit Bloodred Hourglass about their upcoming new album 'Your Highness'!

Putrevore – Miasmal Monstrosity

Putrevore’s “Miasmal Monstrosity” is relentlessly brutal and holds true to the band’s musical nature in presenting a putrid and odious quality of brutal death...

VENOM PRISON announced “Erebos”, out February 4th, 2022

UK's death metal outfit Venom Prison announced their upcoming new album 'Erebos', to be released in February next year!

IMPENDING DOOM to release Hellbent EP via MNRK Heavy; “Satanic Panic” now playing

Deathcore outfit Impending Doom announced their upcoming new EP 'Hellbent' to be released via MNRK Heavy and unleash a first single 'Satanic Panic'!

Mors Subita / I Revolt (On The Rocks, Helsinki) – 15/10/2021

Mors Subita and I Revolt came, saw and absolutely conquered On The Rocks in Helsinki with their kickass melodeath!

Mors Subita / I Revolt (On The Rocks, Helsinki) – 15/10/2021

Pictures of a great night of Finnish melodeath with Mors Subita and I Revolt at On The Rocks in Helsinki!

World’s first all female Deathcore band Sinaya releases a music video with CJ, lead singer of Thy Art is Murder

Brazilian outfit Sinaya is taking a new path in their career with a more deathcore oriented sound! Check out the first single featuring CJ from Thy Art is Murder!

Hate – Rugia

“Rugia” is another welcoming effort from this Polish band that never ceases to impress the old and the new fans.

CARNATION announce live album and release video of ‘Reincarnation’

The Belgian death metal greats of Carnation announce the physical release of their live stream and release the first live video for 'Reincarnation'!