Category: Punk

Avril Lavigne announces seventh studio album ‘Love Sux’

Avril Lavigne announced officially her upcoming new album and releases the 2nd single 'Love It When You Hate Me'!

SIR REG are a raucous, rollicking, rambunctious slice of Celtic folk/punk band who want to ‘Open the Pubs’!

Sir Reg calls out to 'Open The Pubs' in the first single of their upcoming new full-length album!

RXPTRS share video for ripping new track “Collapse”

UK band RXPTRS unleashes another ripping new track with 'Collapse' including an energetic video!

Drug Church share new song “World Impact”

Punk rock agitators Drug Church are back with yet another single from their upcoming new album 'Hygiene'!

13 most anticipated releases of January 2022

First month of 2022 and there are already a bunch of really cool releases coming! Check out our 13 most anticipated releases of the month!

Maxime’s albums of the year 2021

An AOTY list with the usual thrash, power and heavy metal suspects, but also a couple of surprises!

Annet’s Albums of the Year 2021

With 2021 being again a bit of a weird year, while looking forward to a hopefully better 2022, lets look back at some of the albums I enjoyed the most this past year.

Marco Luponero & The Loud Ones release video of ”Hook”, the first single from their upcoming debut album

Marco Luponero & The Loud Ones releases a first single 'Hook' from their upcoming debut album!

Pure Noise Tour 2021 (SOMA, San Diego) – 5/10/2021

Pictures of the San Diego stop of the Pure Noise Tour 2021 with State Champs, Real Friends, Four Year Strong, Just Friends and Bearings.