Dead Carnage set release date for ‘From Hell for Hate’ and release first new track


Today, Immortal Souls Productions announces June 25th as the international release date for Czech death metal powerhouse Dead Carnage‘s highly anticipated second album, ‘From Hell For Hate‘. Check out their first single ‘Chapel of Decay‘ as a groovy appetizer to their next groovy installment.

Dead Carnage has been on the underground scene since mid-2013, when Milhaus (Disfigured Corpse) and Čidar (G.O.R.E.) agreed to set up a death metal project. The drummer and singer were replaced by a few excellent musicians, until the microphone remained with Joshua (Inception Of Fall), drums with Ferenc (Antigod, Disfigured Corpse), and the second guitar taken by Yabback (Antigod). In this composition, the band recorded a mini-CD, ‘The Only Thing I Ever Wanted to Kill the God‘, which was released in 2015 as a split with Soul Massacre.

At the beginning of 2016, Pedy (Antigod, Disfigured Corpse) joined the lineup, and in 2017, Dead Carnage recorded their debut album, ‘Flesh, Blood, Orgy‘. After performing great live shows in 2019, Joshua for personal reasons left the band, and the microphone uncompromisingly seized at that moment Bendík (ex-Silva Nigra, ex-Adultery). After a short time, in autumn 2019, the band enters for the third time Jablunkov GM studio and records the second album, ‘From Hell For Hate‘.

Immediately after returning from the studio comes the offer of cooperation for the release of the album by Immortal Souls ProductionsDead Carnage accepts the offer and are, as we speak, finishing preparations for release.

From Hell For Hate‘ comes after three years of hard work, when the band diligently put together the dirtiest riffs, which should represent their name with dignity. Dead Carnage definitely deserves respect for this material, because in their songs, they managed to capture the essence of old-school death metal. The booming rhythms and melodies from the graveyard support wet growling, and these are exactly the weapons with which the band attacks the scene. Album deets below.

1. Edges Of Manipulation
2. Devastation
3. Caged Brutality
4. My Blood Is Black
5. Gods Lobotomy
6. Chapel Of Decay
7. From Dust
8. First Kill Last Kill
9. Eternal Void [Hierophant cover]

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