DETSET released new single “So Offended”

DETSET from Tampere, Finland, is the freshest artist to come out of Finland for a long time. Following their single “Graves“, the band released their new single “So Offended” last Friday, on July 30th!

DETSET’s vocalist Sami Silvennoinen comments about the new and very captivating and same time emotional single:

“The song is about free speech. People can’t laugh at their own life and think that everyone else is thinking and doing everything wrong. The song is about saying whatever you like, wherever you want. Don’t be offended by somebody’s words. Live your own way without caring what other people think. Also, remember to face every person as a human. Don’t judge anyone. We have our own weight to carry.”

Stream/get it here:

About the inspiration for the visual side of the band, Sami describes:

“It is a very important part of DETSET. We try to show our vision on screen as much as it shows in our music. Our inspiration for the visual side is the collaboration of every bandmate’s mind blending together and it shows in our promo pictures and videos,” and concludes, “thanks also Carolin Büttner and Riku Seppälä who have worked us with pictures and videos. Their effort can’t be understated.”

DETSET means expression without any censorship. DETSET also means brotherhood for the band. Yet to release their debut album, DETSET have already achieved feats that many bands only dream of achieving during their whole career. DETSET have graced the Finnish festival circuit, played massive support shows.

Missed the video of “Graves“?
Stream/get it here:

Upcoming live shows:
Sat 18.9.2021 Helsinki, Kuudes Linja
Sat 2.10.2021 Tampere, Pakkahuone
Sat 16.10.2021 Jyväskylä,  Lutakko
Fri 22.10.2021 Helsinki, On the Rocks
22. – 25.6.2022 Nummijärvi, Nummirock

Sami Silvennoinen – Vocals
Eemeli Bodde – Guitar
Aleksi Isoaho – Guitar
Janne Putkisaari – Drums
Jonne Soidinaho – Bass

DETSET online:

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