DVRK unleashes ‘F.A.M.’ off debut EP

Hard-hitting metal ensemble DVRK proudly rolls out F.A.M, the debut single from the eagerly anticipated EP Infinite Reminiscence. This launch comes as part of the band’s grand news of their fresh signing with Season of Mist.

Combining potent Deathcore, Nu Metal, and Bass music elements, DVRK has rapidly morphed from a 2019 solo project into an impressive collective force. With a lineup featuring the gifted Peter Morgan on vocals, Bastien Deleule and Gérald Audiard on guitars, Fabien Letren on bass, and Vincent Vidal propelling the rhythm on drums, DVRK fuse genres into a completely new sonic pallet.

F.A.M, the first single from DVRK‘s debut, encapsulates the collective’s unique blend of raw energy and melody. This ambitious track illuminates the band’s intricate musicianship and hints at the exhilarating roller-coaster ride posed by Infinite Reminiscence.

Fans should expect a musical journey from this EP, as the band draws inspirations from personal experiences, addictions, depression and beyond, amalgamating them into a cohesive exploration of modern metal.

The video, produced & directed by Grupa13 (@Grupa13Official) shows the band in its full glory, meticulously stopping through the destructive track F.A.M.

Introducing DVRK, a powerhouse fusion of Deathcore, Nu Metal, and Bass music elements. Formed in 2019 as a solo project, DVRK has evolved into a dynamic ensemble featuring Peter Morgan on vocals, Bastien Deleule and Gérald Audiard on guitars, Fabien Letren on bass, and Vincent Vidal on drums.

Notable achievements include collaborations with artists like Conquer Divide, Cove Reber, Chunk No Captain Chunk, and Hyro The Hero.

DVRK proudly signed their first EP with Season Of Mist, marking a significant milestone in their musical journey.

Infinite Reminiscence is out June 7th on Season of Mist.
Pre-order & pre-save:

1. Distant Roads (3:12)
2. Breathless (2:26)
3. The Secret (2:58)
4. Paco (3:12)
5. Colors (2:48)
6. F.A.M. (3:06) [WATCH]
Total runtime: 17:43

Recording Studio
Nalcon Studio

Production Credits
Bastien Deleule & Fabien Letren – Producers
Matt Thomas (Ashtone Studio) – Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Peter Morgan – Vocals
Bastien Deleule – Guitar
Gerald Audiard – Guitar
Fabien Letren – Bass
Vincent Vidal – Drums

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