Enforced drops intense new single ‘Casket’, a dark dive into the dangers of alcohol abuse


ENFORCED, the renowned metal band that shook the music scene with their explosive album War Remains, is back to stun their fans once again. This time, they unveil their latest single, “Casket,” originally part of Decibel’s Flexi series in January 2022 and now being formally released on all streaming platforms via Century Media. Watch the visualizer for “Casket” HERE or stream it HERE.

“Casket” is more than just a track; it’s a profound exploration of alcohol abuse, brilliantly connecting the metaphorical dots between a ‘cask’ that holds alcohol and a ‘casket’ that holds bodies. Frontman Knox Colby elaborates,

“It’s about alcohol abuse. Cask – holds alcohol. Casket – holds bodies (I don’t know the etymology, but the synchronicity was there). Death by alcohol abuse seems obvious, on a strictly etymological level. It reflects the stupidity at the point when a person can’t understand right from wrong or real from fake. You’re dead in that moment.”

ENFORCED, consisting of Knox Colby (Vocals), Will Wagstaff (Guitars), Zach Monahan (Guitars), Ethan Gensurowsky (Bass), and Alex Bishop (Drums), has consistently delivered intense, hard-hitting music since their inception in 2016. Their third album, “War Remains,” released in April this year, is a testament to their unyielding dedication to pure, unfiltered metal. Produced by Ricky Olson and mixed by Arthur Rizk, the album received widespread acclaim for its raw intensity and aggressive sound.

The music industry and fans alike have praised War Remains for its unrelenting energy and authenticity. Decibel Magazine noted, “It’s a fair assessment; all 32 minutes of War Remains are pit-tested and mosher-approved.” Knotfest commended the album, saying, “ENFORCED‘s brutal assault strikes the perfect balance of technicality and intensity, fueled by rage and anguish.”

Stream or purchase War Remains here: https://ENFORCED.lnk.to/WarRemainsPR

As ENFORCED continues to evolve and challenge the boundaries of metal music, “Casket” stands as a powerful reminder of their ability to blend aggressive soundscapes with profound messaging. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to catch this electrifying single on all major streaming platforms.

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