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GRASPOOOPP! We’re ready! Are you???



The plastic chip on your textile wristband is your ‘badge’ to get in and out.
The Metal Plaza and Boulevard are the places to get yourself some food or merch!
During and after the (last) shows, you can keep up the party at the Metal Dome and Classic Rock Café.


At the festival area there were lots of trucks serving food: french fries, pizza, pasta, burgers… For the vegetarians there are several options: fruit, noodles, wraps etc. Since 2016 we also had the Foodtruck Fest, a cosy little square next to the Ferris wheel where you can treat yourself to a little less traditional festival food. People with a food intolerance will be glad to know that you could even find gluten- and lactose free options!

The drinking stands were located near each stage: beer, soda, water, energy drinks and coffee bars. We thought it was too bad there wasn’t more choice at (at least some of) the bars. We could have gone for a fresh cider or kriek!

For the very thirsty people: there always is the 0.5L-tent in between the mainstages! If you wanted to honor Lemmy, you could drink Jack all weekend at the Jack Daniels stand and for the fancy people there were the Belgian Beer Bar and Cava and Wine bar. All of the drinks had to be payed with Graspop-tokens. You could find free drinking water at the sanitary blocks on the festival area.



Well this is an interesting one for this year’s edition. Camping “The Boneyard” was highly overcrowded, the paths just disappeared and it was all a big mess. It was already full on thursday afternoon with the “XL” ticketholders, and then the normal combi ticket visitors still had to arrive the next day…

The Metal Town was a relief though, a good amount of space for every spot, and the bonus: a very nice breakfast (you had to go early though, because there would be enormous queues in the later morning).



Like last year, you could follow us throughout the festival via our live-center, you can check out what we were up to via the link.


We had the great honor to interview the only original member and bass-player of the allmighty Judas Priest!
Check out our interview over here.


Pictures & videos by Graspop.