Finnish melodic metal band Mist Descends releases single from their upcoming EP

Mist Descends is a melodic metal band from Helsinki, Finland. The band’s story started back in 2014 among friends who enjoy playing music. Since then their sound has evolved into new directions over the years. The band find inspiration in hope and despair and everything in between.

Mist Descends background the new single “Hexagon”:

“Our next single reflects on these mysteries of our universe. We were inspired about how the form of Hexagon appears all around us. If you look at the images of Saturn, a persistent hexagonal cloud pattern bigger than the diameter of earth is visible. Also all around in the nature, honeycombs, turtle shells et cetera the form of hexagon can be seen.

Hexagon takes you to an imaginary journey in space. The song has taken it’s form in rehearsals with all six members of Mist Descends giving their take on the theme. Enjoy!”

Listen to the “Hexagon” on music services:

Mist Descends is:
Julia – Vocals
Niko – Guitar & Vocals
Peltsi – Lead guitars
Eppu – Keyboard
Jerry – Bass
Jussi – Drums

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