Finnish singer-songwriter Olli Helenius makes an outstanding comeback to his hard rock roots with Ocean Dark


Olli Helenius, a man with a long career as a singer-songwriter and as a professional musician, makes a powerful comeback mixing rock music with a taste of metal.

A decade ago he gained attention in Germany, Scandinavia, in the Baltic countries, UK, US etc. with his old bands L-60° and Fivestar Prophet, which was a shortly lived formation after L-60°.  After 10 years of writing and performing, he felt burned out.

“I never thought it would take all this for me time to recover.”

In 2011 Helenius stopped touring abroad and went separate ways with Juha Tapio – the number one male artist in Finland, whose drummer he was for 14 years. Olli got signed by Sony Music and continued as a successful singer-songwriter.

“In summer 2019 I ran into the music of the Swedish band Ghost and fell in love immediately. It felt like the music was telling me to return to hard rock”.

Only a few weeks went by, and the fresh hard rocking songs started to come together. A couple of months later he was already in the studio recording new songs with his favourite musician friends.

That’s how Ocean Dark got started. The first single is a melodic yet powerful song titled “Die For Me” (official release date 31.1.2020). Lyrically, the song swims in rather deep waters, seeking to resolve the mysteries of mankind and questioning our existence.

Video for “Die For Me” can already be checked here.

More music will be released this spring!

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