French experimental band Ceild signed with CMM/SAOL for worldwide release!


CEILD impersonate French extravaganza at its best, portrayed as an experimental metal band who now pair up with SAOL/CMM for their second album A View. The band decided on going fully instrumental this time to carry out the album’s intention through compositional freedom in the purest way possible. Means: If you don’t like growls at all – they’re gone, and CEILD’s new direction brings the experiment a wee bit closer to the likes of LONG DISTANCE CALLING – just adding a ton of weight and an engine fueled with insanity.

The result of this year’s intense recording sessions is going to be released into the world on January 25th, 2019. To close the time gap until then, CEILD launched the album’s title track as a single on YouTube, as well as on Bandcamp, where you can be one of the first to exclusively stream and download the track months before the official release – free, but small donation welcome.

Keen ears might feel a familiarity in the excellent drumming – yes, it’s HYPNO5E’s brilliant Théo Bègue who gave the skins a fine flagellation. However, CEILD are happy to welcome their new drummer Antoine Van der Zijden, who shows confidence in regard to this formidable legacy. He and the band are preparing for some serious club action right now.  Pre-orders of the whole album will be available just in time for holiday season. If you find pleasure in CEILD’s way of painting a story with music and music alone, stay tuned for more news later this marvelous fall.