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Mystic prog metal outfit Oryad shared the single and video ‘Eve’, a track from their upcoming album ‘Sacred & Profane’, set for release via SAOL next month!

The Mighty One releases a first single from their upcoming ode to rock ‘n’ roll, the “Torch Of Rock And Roll” album!

Canadian symphonic metal outfit Osyron premieres a brand new video for the second single of their upcoming new album ‘Foundations’!

Experimental French band Ceild signs with SAOL/CMM for the worldwide release of their next album!

Here you can already listen to the full “Blues from Hell – The Legend of the Courageous Five” by Stray Train before release!

Country exclusive video premiere of a Slovenian blues rock train… all aboard!

Thrash out on this exclusive song premiere!

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uncommon Swissiacs.

Walt’s solospel na AXXIS van Duitse bodem.

Mr. Sparkle, het instrument voor party metal!

Portrayals of the plague!