Stray Train’s new album is streaming right here!


Last weekend we got to premiere the music video for Stray Train‘s Heading For The Sun and now we got the opportunity to stream the full album right here, days before the official release this Friday! Blues From Hell – The Legend of the Courageous Five is their second album and will be packed with groovy and heavy blues rock.

After the release of their debut album Just ‘cos you got a monkey off your back does not mean circus has left town in 2016, that received the full attention of Slovenian and European music experts and fans, Slovenian media named STRAY TRAIN ​a ​“​blues rock machine​”​. And this machine brought a fresh wind to the blues rock scene in Slovenia and abroad last year with it’s fresh and intriguing approach, which is without a doubt the trademark of the band’s music, combined with strong influences of the Southern Blues.

Stray Train’s second album Blues From Hell – ​The Legend of the Courageous Five ​will be released November 24th​, 2017 through Dallas Records (for territory Ex-Jug.) and through SAOL/H’ART for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The album was mixed by the eminent Ronald Prent, who has already participated in mixing albums for bands like Depeche Mode, Rammstein and Queensryche​. Recorded at Wisseloord Studios in the Netherlands, where Queen, U2, Depeche Mode and many others have recorded, Blues From Hell contains 12 fresh compositions, with a specific and distinctive blend of blues and rock in English language. The album will be released on CD and double vinyl.

The band about their upcoming album:

“We began writing songs for Blues From Hell  -The Legend of the Courageous Five right after we finished our 1st Album. New ideas just seemed to burst out of us in the most natural way – just the five of us in the rehearsal room – which is something we believe not too many bands have these days. 

Blues from Hell stands for everything that we are; as a band and each and every one of us individually. It tells stories of our lives…What makes us happy, sad and what makes us angry. The Legend of the Courageous Five, on the other hand, stands for the guts it takes to do your own thing no matter what others say. In our case this means going out as many nights as possible and rock the crowd like there is no tomorrow!

Blues From Hell – The Legend of the Courageous Five is different from our 1st Album. It is more focused and straight to the point, while at the same time it is more variable. We knew exactly what we want and where to go with this record. There were no shortcuts. And the main reason for this is that we got to know each other much better during these two years and a lot has happened to us. We became really good friends – and the chemistry can be felt on the record as well. This is something no money can buy!”


Artist:​ Stray Train
CD:​ Blues from Hell – The Legend of the Courageous Five
Genre:​ Heavy Blues Rock
Release:​ ​24.11.2017
Label:​ SAOL
Distribution: H’Art (GSA) Dallas (Ex-Jug.)


1. Electrified
2. Heading For The Sun*
3. Days Gone*
4. Emona
5. Mad Machine
6. Blues From Hell*
7. House of cards
8. Love Is Just A Breath Away
9. My Baby’s Ride
10. Give It Away
11. No Easy
12. Miracle
*listening​ ​tips


Vocals:​ ​Luka Lamut
Bass:​ Niko Jug
Drums:​ Viktor Ivanović
Guitar:​ ​Jure Golobić​
Guitar:​ Boban Milunović releases/StrayTrain Train