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The perfect hit for the summer… F.K.Ü. is here to slash you to pieces! Check out their new single!

Liv Sin reveals the second single of their upcoming new album with a brand new video!

Instrumental band Pelican is releasing new music as a Record Store Day exclusive!

French experimental metal band Ceild streams their full album “A View” right here in anticipation of the official release!

Rotting Christ tease us yet again with another track premiere. Check out ‘The Raven’.

Mirrors For Psychic Warfare is releasing their sophomore album this Friday but give you already a full listen right here!

A Storm of light releases Prime Time of the new album Athroscene.

The Finnish festival Steelfest Open Air can be seen as one of the most renowned underground metal festivals in Europe with every year people coming down to the small city of Hyvinkää from all over the world. They also manage to offer us the best from the black, death and doom metal world every single […]

The exclusive premiere of the song “Holly” by synthpunk outfit Hatchling right here!

Here you can already listen to the full “Blues from Hell – The Legend of the Courageous Five” by Stray Train before release!