Exclusive: A Storm of Light releases “Prime Time”, the first video of the upcoming album

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The American apocalyptic Post-Metal outfit A Storm of Light is set to release its 4th full album upon the world. Five years after Nation To Flames (Southern Lord) Josh Graham (Red Sparowes, Battle Of Mice), Dan Hawkins and Dominic Seita will release Athroscene through Consouling Sounds (EU and UK) and Translation Lost (USA) on October 5th. The release show is scheduled on October 6th at De Centrale Ghent along with Mono. The following statement is by the band itself:

“Prime Time has a lot of history to it. It originally began as a rough sketch for a project I was working on with Chris Pennie (which unfortunately fizzled due to scheduling). About a year later, I rediscovered what we’d started, and took the first few lines of lyrics, and jump started the new writing process. Everything began with that cycling piano line, and from there, the song really started to form.

On Anthroscene, a lot of the lyrics are my personal feelings about the decaying state of – everything I guess: the current political nightmare, the evolution of society through technology and social media, climate change, climate change denial, fear,  isolationism, etc etc.  Lyrically though, I wanted a decent chunk of the record to be more surreal; more of a current self-portrait of humanity told through a haze of drugs and paranoia. Prime Time hits a little closer to home though. I have people in my life who struggle with prescription opiates, and it kills me. It’s almost impossible to navigate. Reading articles about people like Richard Sackler a just par for the course. The rich eating the poor.”