The Great Old Ones premiered stunning music video for “Of Dementia”


Lovecraftian black metal band THE GREAT OLD ONES are now premiering their first ever music video, for the song “Of Dementia“. The stunning clip has been directed by Zev Deans, known from his work for PORTAL, BEHEMOTH and GHOSTTHE GREAT OLD ONES will release their new album ‘Cosmicism‘ on October 25 via Season of Mist.

The video for “Of Dementia ” is streaming at the official Season of Mist Youtube Channel HERE.

The band comments: 

“Cultists of the entire world, it’s with a great pride that we present you our first videoclip, produced by Zev Deans (Ghost, Behemoth, Portal, etc.), for the song “Of Dementia” from our new album ‘Cosmicism’.  On this album, we have mostly turned our eyes towards the cosmos, but we have not forgotten the cold and dark abyss, populated by unspeakable entities, especially the great Cthulhu, the pure evil in the depths of the sea.”

THE GREAT OLD ONES have previously announced a French tour in October / November. A full list of tour dates can be found below.

31 Oct 19 Grenoble (FR) Ampérage
09 Nov 19 Dijon (FR) Consortium
23 Nov 19 Nantes (FR) Ferrailleur
24 Nov 19 TBA
25 Nov 19 Paris (FR) Nouveau Casino
26 Nov 19 Rock ‘n Eat (FR) Lyon
27 Nov 19 Colmar (FR) Grillen
28 Nov 19 Marseille (FR) Moulin
29 Nov 19 Toulouse (FR) Rex
30 Nov 19 Bordeaux (FR) BT59

The artwork for ‘Cosmicism‘ has been created by Jeff Grimal and can be viewed below, together with the tracklist.

  1. Cosmic Depths (01:47)
  2. The Omniscient (09:26)
  3. Of Dementia (06:16)
  4. Lost Carcosa (08:57)
  5. A Thousand Young (11:44)
  6. Dreams of the Nuclear Chaos (04:27)
  7. Nyarlathotep (07:29)
  8. To A Dreamer (07:34) Bonus Track

The French worshippers of Cthulhu reveal their fourth offering to the old ones. “Cosmicism” is a literary philosophy developed by H.P. Lovecraft. The idea behind “Cosmicism” is that humans are godless creatures who are totally insignificant in the grand scheme of our cosmic universe.

The production of this album was entrusted to Francis Caste (SINSAENUM, LOUDBLAST, SVART CROWN, REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMER, HANGMAN’S CHAIR) of the Studio Sainte-Marthe, who managed to capture the singular essence of THE GREAT OLD ONES.

The record is a true journey in the cold deep of space. Each song features a Lovecraftian entity and parallel the dark destiny of the protagonist who meets her and in turn, slowly succumbs to admiration and madness. Lyrics inspired by H.P. Lovecraft layered over haunting, melodic beauty result in a perfect match. Just listen and you will find out what awaits down there…

Recording line-up
Benjamin Guerry: Vocals, guitars
Aurélien Edouard: Guitars
Alexandre ‘Gart’ Rouleau: Guitars
Benoit ‘Barby’ Claus: Bass
Leo Isnard: Drums

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