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Brand new Finnish rock band Afire releases a first single of their upcoming debut album!

A’priori unleashes some classic hard rock on you with a video for “Better Man”!

Here you can already listen to the full “Blues from Hell – The Legend of the Courageous Five” by Stray Train before release!

Album Reviews

I can see the appeal Mammoth Mammoth might have to a wide array metalheads, rockers and punk kids. Just like Motörhead they manage to blend groovy hard rock with a heavy metal spirit and punk attitude but poured over with a stoner/desert rock sound sauce.

Life Of Agony’s newest Where There’s No More Pain , groovy tunes that will blow you away

The Funky Queen is coming to get you!

Gig Reports

The Finnish monsters of Lordi were spreading their horror through Europe with their “European Monstour” and with a new album under their arms this was a tour to look forward to. As support they brought along their young-and-upcoming country mates and fellow hard rockers Shiraz Lane and the Gothic inspired Swiss Silver Dust. Since they […]