Crimson Sun “Fates” release party (Bar Loose, Helsinki) – 31/1/2020

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Finnish melodic metal outfit Crimson Sun released their long-awaited sophomore album ‘Fates’. So what better than get to taste some of their new music at a release party in the center of Helsinki. The cellar of Bar Loose was the place of reckoning and with them they brought two of the most interesting up-and-coming contemporary Finnish acts around.

Keoma (***1/2)

First up, the alternative metal outfit Keoma, that from what I heard on beforehand, leans more towards the progressive side. When I arrived, the band had just started to engage into their atmospheric music and quite soon vocalist Katri joined the rest on stage. Somewhat to my surprise, because I expected to see some bald dude fulfilling the vocal duties after looking up some of their music. Apparently they recently changed vocalists and this was Katri‘s first show with the band. I must say that you wouldn’t have guessed it if you didn’t know. They might need to settle and grow a bit still in this new setup, but the music is there, the voice is there (wonderful cleans and strong harsh ones),… Good things might be in store for Keoma if they continue this way!


Awake Again (****1/2)

As usual, I listened to some music of the bands of the night on beforehand and to be completely honest, when listening to Awake Again, I wasn’t totally convinced. But what I heard online didn’t prepare me in any way for the exciting ride that is a gig from this band. Straight from the start you can notice that the guys of Awake Again are in it mostly for the fun, with rather bright outfits and even a tiny disco ball mounted on the bass guitar’s head. As soon as they started playing, we got a kick of highly energetic alternative metal with loads of heaviness and heaps of melodic hooks.

Awake Again-10

There is a poppy quality to their music while still being heavy as fuck. Vocalist Matti plays a quite impressive element center stage with a little bombshell of a performance, screaming, grunting and singing with a mouth that could probably easily fit an apple in its whole, while all the way jumping and dancing around like a crazy person. The whole show was pretty entertaining to me, but when they cranked out their cover of Katy Perry‘s ‘Dark Horse‘ and fan favorite ‘Below‘ it seemed like the party really kicked off properly! I’m a fan!

Awake Again-8

Crimson Sun (****)

And then the main act of the night. Crimson Sun came to celebrate their latest release ‘Fates‘ and did so in style. The support bands might have seemed like a weird combination with them, but if you look at it, Crimson Sun’s music sort of combines both the proggy high quality and atmospheric music from Keoma and the poppy melodies from Awake Again that makes the line-up actually a pretty logic choice. You could also say that their music is a combination of the poppy and melodic hooks and vibe of Amaranthe with the impressive atmospheric, epic and theatrical part of Nightwish‘s musicianship. Still with the individual Crimson Sun touch to it all the time.

Crimson Sun-15

This translated in a very passionate and energetic show by musicians who know their craft well and show how much they love playing their creations live. The band has been saying that they really became the band as they are when they found vocalist Sini and she clearly lifts the already good band to new heights, demanding the attention and adoration of the gathered crowd in front of them. Even if there were people present at Bar Loose who weren’t fans of the band already, I’m pretty sure they’ve convinced everyone there and gathered some new souls for in the future. A stellar gig of a promising band from the capital country of metal!

Crimson Sun-9

For more pics, go here.

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