Electric Callboy “Hypa Hypa European Tour 2022” (Trix, Antwerp) – 19/04/2022

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On April 19th and April 20th, the long awaited concert from Electric Callboy finally happened. And man, I wasn’t the only one who was excited. Two sold out show dates and a crowd that went wild form the first note to the last one. It was amazing. Let me talk you through the night.

One Morning Left

The night started with One Morning Left. A Finnish modern metalcore band with touches of electronics in between. No moshpits were started yet, but the band definitely gave it their all and got a screaming crowd in return. We got a taste of what was about to come. If you’re not familiar with the band, their style is in line with the style of Electric Callboy. One Morning Left also has a clean vocalist and a scream vocalist. They both use electronic music in between their metalcore. But One Morning Left is a little less ‘over the top’ than Electric Callboy is. One of the songs they played, is ‘Neon Highway’ from their latest album Hyperactive and is quite the party live. You can watch it in the video bellow. After all the bands had played, One Morning Left came out to chat with the fans.


Ruby Dragon
Neon Highway
!liaF cipE
Sinners Are Winners
Beat It (Michael Jackson cover)
You’re Dead! Let’s Disco!

Blind Channel

Blind Channel was the Finnish selection for Eurovision 2021. They participated with their song ‘Dark Side’ and ended 6th place. Tonight, they closed their show with that song. Blind Channel delivered their take on nu metal with a modern touch, branded by themselves as “violent pop”. Although it was personally not my cup of tea, parts of the crowd went wild on every single song. To my feeling, the band missed a personal touch, a connection with the crowd. Besides that, the band put down a solid performance. I was surprised to hear covers of an Eminem and an Anastasia song. It was cool to hear them in Blind Channels style. They also have two singers, but both are mainly clean vocalists with sometimes a scream to accentuate a word in their lyrics. They often sing words fast and soft, then slower and louder. 


Died Enough For You
We Are No Saints
Over My Dead Body
Lose Yourself (Eminem Cover)
Time Bomb
Bad Idea
Left Outside Alone (Anastasia Cover)
Dark Side

Electric Callboy

Not too surprising, Electric Callboy started with ‘Pump It’. Right form the start, there was confetti and the energy level was raised to 100. They were even wearing the outfits they used in the video for the song. This means that they had to go through a couple outfit changes throughout the concert if they didn’t want to get stuck in those ridiculous gym clothes for the whole show. Next song My Own Summer was also played in their ‘Pump It’ outfit, though. The song after that was one from their MMXX EP, called ‘Hate/Love’. The whole back of the stage behind the drums, was covered in LED lights. Those lights really added an extra dimension to the songs being played. For this song, the lights turned all blue and red, like the cover of the EP.

One song I didn’t expect to hear was ‘Castrop x Spandau’, a song they wrote one day with German YouTuber Kalle Koschinsky. Normally, Electric Callboy doesn’t sing in German, but in this song they do. Even though it was meant as a joke, or a song just for fun, it turned out sounding awesome. Hearing this live was unexpected but very, very welcome. Maybe we can expect more songs in German in the future? We also got treated to an acoustic version of ‘Prism’. This was clean vocalist Nico’s audition song to join the band. This is also his first complete tour with the band. Since he joined the band in 2020 and because COVID, they were only able to play a few shows over the past years. Now, we can all enjoy his vocal skills live. And I have to say, the guy can sing.

Brand new single ‘Spaceman’ was another cherry on the pie. This is the third single so far from their upcoming album Tekkno, available September 9th. A girl in the crowd made a rocket and threw it on stage. Later, clean vocalist Nico and scream vocalist Kevin thanked her for making the rocket and placed it on stage. This just shows how much the band appreciates their fans. They could’ve just ignored the rocket or didn’t say anything, but they did. I was at the front row with a sign that said ‘Thank you for your music’. Kevin noticed and pointed it out to Nico. They read it out loud on stage and looked me straight in the eyes and thanked me. If that doesn’t show that they love their fans and love to play their music for them, I don’t know what does.

For ‘We Got the Moves’ we got the costume change again. Electric Callboy had the bowl cut, the white vests and the so called pigeoning all right there. The song is good by itself, but the outfit and the whole performance made it even better. The whole crowd kept singing the ‘dup dup dup’ part of the song long after it was done. Then it was time for my personal favorite. The song that told me, during the live stream on Wacken World Wide where I got to know this band, to move my furniture out of the way in my living room, so we could go 8 steps to the left, and 8 to the right. I’m talking about the one and only ‘MC Thunder’. During the low tuned electric guitar mixed with technological elements breakdown, the whole crowd moved from the left to the right and back. That’s it, the party was complete. 

But you can’t finish the Hypa Hypa Tour, without playing the song ‘Hypa Hypa’. So for the last song we also got our last costume change. Another party song as a closer. Nobody was standing still, everybody was moving one way or another, and that, is what a good concert looks and feels like.


Pump It
My Own Summer
The Scene
Castrop x Spandau
Best Day
Back in the Bizz
Prism (Acoustic)
MC Thunder II (Dancing Like a Ninja)

We Got the Moves
MC Thunder

Encore 2:
Hypa Hypa

Let me just say this: It was absolutely amazing. Having to miss concerts for so long, I almost forgot what it was like to wait so long to see one band, and then when that band finally hits the stage, the crowd just explodes. I love the fact that you can feel that the bands missed being on stage just as much as the fans missed them. Especially with Electric Callboy.

If you missed them this time, they are coming back this summer to play at Alcatraz festival in Kortrijk besides a whole selection of other summer festivals. Come check them out if you’re in for a metalcore party.

For the photo report of this night, click here.

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