Spoil Engine ”Renaissance Noire Release show” (Trax Roeselare) – 16/11/2019

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A brand new venue called TRAX, in the bands hometown Roeselare, Belgium, had the opportunity to host Spoil Engine for their brand new album ‘Renaissance Noire’. Opening for them were Stranger Dimensions and Bizkit Park. Both hyping us up for main act Spoil Engine.

Stranger Dimensions (****)

A new band for me. But man, did Stranger Dimensions deliver. A melodic metal core band with energetic front man and lead singer Michaël leading the show. He asked us to get to the front of the stage. “We don’t bite,” he said. And then the party began. 
Normally, they would play small stages and youth centers. This was for them the first time they played an actual stage and they deserved it. I see them playing at a tent at Graspop some time or at La Morgue at Alcatraz, a stage that gives a voice to local talent. 

Check them out at their website and buy their merch (they do have very cool t-shirts).

Bizkit Park (****)

Having seen them before at Alcatraz, they didn’t quite get me that time and I wasn’t that excited to see them, but they changed that now from the very first second. They really had the crowd jumping up and down with them. Bizkit Park only plays cover songs, but with their own touch. I don’t know what I was thinking the first time that I saw them, but they are one hell of a party maker. They played songs like ‘Psychosocial‘ from Slipknot, Papa Roach ‘s ‘Last Resort‘ , ‘Break Stuff‘ from Limp Bizkit, ‘Bodies‘ from Drowning Pool and ‘In the End’ from Linkin Park.

Spoil Engine (****)

Starting of with ‘Riot’, the first song of their new album, the tone was set for the evening. It’s my favorite song of the new one, about which you will read more about in our review.
Following with ‘The Void‘ and ‘Medicine‘, both of them new songs, we got a good feeling of what this album was going to be like: another one to blast through your speakers.

The last show before their new album, was also the last show with guitarist Bart Vandenportaele. This was the first show without him on stage, but he was there in the crowd. When a wall of death was opening, Bart stood in the middle until the wall crashed upon him. He also jumped on stage and stage dived. He wasn’t the only one that did that though. There was this massive Spoil Engine fan, who spoke to us before the show about how he wanted to stage dive and that we all needed to catch him. So he did and so did we and with that, you have the vibe of the night. Good music with new songs and classic songs, with nice people in a cool venue just having fun.

After an encore, Spoil Engine closed off with ‘Black Sails‘ and ‘Disconnect‘. Two older, but much loved songs. After that there were drumsticks and picks flying into the crowd.

Full Setlist:

  • Riot
  • The Void
  • Medicine
  • Doomed to Die
  • Hollow Crown
  • Silence Will Fall
  • Golden Cage
  • Frostbite
  • The Hallow
  • No Flowers For a Pig
  • Venom
  • Stormsleeper


  • Black Sails
  • Disconnect

Awesome shows by all the bands. Go check them out!

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