ICE WAR and DEMONA members form APHRODITE: reveal first song, cover and tracklisting for FIGHTER RECORDS debut


Canadian speed metal band Aphrodite has just signed a deal with Fighter Records for the worldwide release of their debut album, Lust and War, scheduled for July 9th on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Aphrodite formed in the later half of 2018 with a few creative minds coming together: Jo Steel “Capitalicide” from Ice War wrote the music to the songs, and Heidi Stockdale wrote the lyrics, which all deal with Greek mythology themes. Yan Turbo from Colorsfade was brought in to do lead guitar to thicken up the sound, and after numerous singers, Tanza Speed was finally secured to be the singer; her trademark voice can be heard in other bands like Demona and Outline. Finally, the formula and lineup was all in place to record the DIY production Lust and War. After a few offers, the band decided to form an alliance with Fighter Records. Any lover of good ’80s speed metal with heavy & punk hints in the vein of Acid, Znöwhite, Agent Steel, S.D.I., Vectom, etc., should be alert for this relentless album!

International release date for Aphrodite‘s Lust and War” will be July 9th through Fighter Records on CD and vinyl LP formats. In the meantime, check out the new track “Hades in the Night” HERE at Fighter Records‘ official YouTube channel. 

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Aphrodite’s Lust and War

  1. Hades in the Night
  2. Pandora’s Box Unleashed
  3. Ares, God of War
  4. Lightning Crashed
  5. Penthaselia
  6. Gorgon Medusa
  7. Aphrodite, Queen of Lust
  8. Orpheus Charms the Gods of Death
  9. Thesus and the Minotaur
  10. The Odyssey
  11. Gladiators (Gladiators) 


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