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What a day that 25th of July 2016 at Metaldays, Slovenia. First I had an interview with Fleshgod Apocalypse and then Drakum. Could it get any better?! Without knowing, a lovely surprise was coming ahead: a talk with ALL members of the band. The answering men were mainly Marc (guitarist), Javi (growls and vocal harp) and Caleb (violin). Üri (whistles and bagpipe), Jose (bass), Feni (guitar), Albert (keyboard) and Xavi (drums) were letting the others talk for the flow of the interview and to not interrupt each other. Drakum exists since 2009, finds it’s roots in Barcelona and has the reputation of always delivering a party to the audience. I had a nice time with them: the men can be serious but were also very friendly and love to make jokes. Thanks guys!


Picture after the gig on Metaldays (facebook page Drakum).

At the beginning there was some small talk: for example about the rain because when they came on stage, it was raining cats and dogs.

The atmosphere in the audience is great when you play! How does the vibe effect you while standing on stage?
Marc: I think it’s very important. You feel part of something great. Even all the people are dancing in the rain, wonderful.
Javi: We really see that.
Caleb: The people give out a lot of energy. We see them enjoying the concert.
Marc: We like to see them have fun, have a party and drink.

When you look back since the beginning of Drakum. How did you get where you are now?
Javi: With a lot of time and patience.
Marc: First you have to define what metal is and then work a lot. Not hurrying it too much but working step by step.
Javi: We still play in small venues. We give our best for 20 people or 1000.

Did you have a plan of achievements or did you grow with the flow of the moment?
Javi: We had some things in mind but it doesn’t always go according to plan. We always wanted to hear ‘plays on great main stages on festivals’.
Caleb: Sometimes we can deliver that.
Marc: Sometimes it’s a lot of hours driving but it’s great.

And for the future, what would your next achievement be?
Javi: Be a millionaire and play a lot.
Marc: Now the future is playing in September on a big festival in Spain and then recording for the next year, a new album. We have important festivals in the next year.

You say you want to record a new album. How is that going to be like?
Marc: More or less in the same style we play now.
Caleb: We don’t have much time.
Javi: We work and don’t have compatible schedules.
Marc: It will be difficult to be there all for the rehearsals. We see each other like once a month. For the new album we want to make some more party music. We can normally say something about it but now we just don’t know yet.
Javi: The idea is to release the next album in the next year, maybe March.

Where does the inspiration come from to write new things?
Caleb: I don’t know…
Javi: For example for our last EP, we got inspiration from stories like Northern Mythology.

If you are working, what are you doing or if not, what would you have chosen instead of being a musician?
Marc: I work as a receptionist. Everyone has it’s own job.
Caleb: We do this just for fun.

Earlier you said there isn’t much time to rehearse, how are you managing that?
Marc: We try to do it once or twice a week but it’s difficult.
Javi: We are in contact through Whatsapp and Facebook.

I can imagine that being with so many members, it can be hard to be on the same level music-wise. How are you doing that?
Marc: We have many conversations about that.
Caleb: It’s quite difficult because we have so many instruments to go with each other.
Marc: Now it’s easier than six years ago but when we have to come together, we all have to cross the state because we live far away from each other.

So you start with a base and then add some instruments?
Marc: Yes. We start with something, then we see how to add the violin, the keyboard.. And we see how it works out.

The touring part… What are some of the most fun moments you had?
Marc: Touring with so many is not easy.
Javi: We have a lot of good and funny experiences. We are with three cars. It’s difficult for the drivers because some are driving faster than others and that is quite funny.

Do you guys have time to see other bands at MetalDays?
Marc: Yes, we have time left, we are here on holidays. We will party with the people.

How is it going with your merchandise?
Marc: Difficult. There are some problems but our merchandise will be available this evening or tomorrow. Almost everything of our merch will be there.
Javi: In 2014 we still didn’t have our first album. We now have an album and EP, so more stuff to sell.

What was your intention to profile yourselves on stage?
Marc: We wear different things. We wanted to have a costume, one for all of us. We are with eight people and different lengths and sizes so it’s not easy.
Javi: When we perform, we go crazy, so…
Marc: When you wear a t-shirt, you can lose it on stage. We want the same costume for all people. But seven years later, it still is not there.
Javi: We want to have a lot of fun on stage and care less about what we wear.

We were talking about cartoons (spare time referring to Javi). If you could have a super power, which one would you like to have?
Marc: That is a difficult question.
Javi: Invisibility.
Marc: I would like to read people’s mind. I want to know what they are thinking about.
Javi: I’m a really shy person so invisibility would be good.

As a final question: would you like to say something to the Belgian community?
[Talking about Mass Deathtruction where they played].
Javi: It was an amazing show. You are an amazing crowd and we hope to see you again there.
Marc: I don’t know what to say but I would like to play there again and have some beer.
: And whisky and Absinthe.

To end, there was a lot of fun, jokes and we invited them to one of our GRIMM fests. Hopefully we strike them and see them play soon in Belgium!