Interview Blame Me! – “There is a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making the debut album, especially tears”

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We can’t say it enough, but Finland keeps on sprouting new, interesting and original rock and metal bands that seem to be doing things their own way. Right now there is somewhat of a movement going where young artists are taking their love for all different kinds of music and blend it into a catchy mix of poppy and heavy music. Just look at Blind Channel being nominated to go to Eurovision for their country. A band that has been turning quite some heads lately with their prolific singles and music videos is Blame Me!, who is about to release their debut album ‘The Invisible You’ independently and seem ready to take over the world. Time to sit down with drummer Vallu (or Walter, as he introduced himself) and vocalist Bini at On The Rocks Kallio in Helsinki to have a chat about their music and upcoming album.

Since they are most likely a quite unfamiliar band for a lot of people, we go from the very beginnings of the band, the kind of music they play and the funny story how they got to their name Blame Me! (while at first it was Blame Tom, apparently). When talking about the upcoming album, they point out that it’s been a long road to get this album written and recorded, with the oldest song being several years old already. Vallu also offers some insight in how they experiment when writing and recording their music, throwing curve balls at guitarist Jesse (who is the main songwriter) by for instance wanting to put blast beats in. Bini touches on what drives the lyrics for her and they point out bassist Juho as invaluable for the creation of the impressive music videos. It seems Blame Me! wouldn’t be able to exist how it is now with any of the present members missing and it’s interesting to see a band where all members seem equally needed as it is with this band. We shortly discuss how they seem to be a part of that new wave of young Finnish rock/metal bands that do things their own way by mixing a whole bunch different genres and they hope to be some sort of a gateway band for people to discuss the even heavier music. We loved meeting these people and believe that they might become a big name in the modern alternative music scene! Make sure you check out their upcoming album ‘The Invisible You’, out on June 11! And hopefully we can catch these energetic group of people on a stage for real in the nearby future.

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