Kid Bookie releases new track ‘AI (SAVE YOURSELF)’

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Innovative alternative anomaly KID BOOKIE reveals the first taste of new music in the form ofAI (SAVE YOURSELF) a dystopian anthem that looks at the future of music from an artist’s perspective. With the advent of future technologies, Bookie ponders where we are and poses the question of where we might end up if left unchecked.

The track taken from the forthcoming album “Songs For The Living // Songs For The Dead” was self-produced by Bookie and mixed by infamous producer/engineer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me the Horizon, Nova Twins, Holding Absence). Fans can expect the full album in the summer of 2024, released via Marshall Records.

“I wanted to prod and jest a subject that’s kind of new territory for music and in its infancy,” Bookie explains. “It’s cool to listen to Michael Jackson do screamo and System of a Down via AI manipulation or some shit, but there’s a darker side. I think the longer it’s left in the grey area, the more significant the impact it will be for artists and industry folk alike. But I’m not scared of computers, and I don’t think it will be some Terminator apocalypse, just another evolution that affects the art, for better or worse, who knows”.

Tyronne Hill, known better by his stage name, Kid Bookie, is the raucous, genre-splicing standout charging at the frontline of rock and metal’s next wave of fresh faces, lashing out riff-heavy anthems and getting his daily kicks from sending internet trolls into a frenzy. Accumulating his devout cult following from an unapologetic, transparent attitude paired with his rage-fuelled nu-metal/trap-metal blend, above all, his strive for raw artistic integrity will always be the beating heart that keeps his music thriving.

Kid Bookie will hit the road in 2024 with I Prevail on their European Arena tour in Summer 2024. More information on tour dates and more can be found HERE.

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