Korpiklaani (Nosturi, Helsinki)

Some of the more popular Finnish bands are actually quite rare to catch live in their homecountry because their extensive touring all over the world. One of those bands is the folk metal outfit Korpiklaani. So when you notice they’re actually coming to play a show in Helsinki, you jump at the chance! Put on top of that, them bringing the Sinfonia Lahti vaskiorkesteri with them to play along with them makes it sound al the more promising. Throw into the mix support gigs by the wacko Norwegians of Trollfest, country mates Profane Omen and Waltari and you know you’ll be into one hell of a (folk) metal party! So there we go, braving the Finnish Winter weather for a night of heart-warming happy music! Here are the pictures:

For the report, go here:


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