L.A. hardcore band Rotting Out debuts video for new single “Reaper”

LA hardcore band Rotting Out has debuted a brand new single called “Reaper”. Walter Delgado about the track:

“The song is essentially about coming to grips with the reality that a part of you has to die for the rest of you to continue. Old rules and defense mechanisms are no longer applicable in this place and time for me. Those almost instinctively responses to every day stress and matters are now counterproductive. I have now realize that I’ve been self sabotaging my own happiness and progression. Cut off the limb before it contaminates the rest of the body forever. I have to be the reaper and bring to death things that are slowly killing me.”

The new single, marks the band’s first new music since their EP, Reconing, which was released by Pure Noise Records in 2015. The band reunited in 2018 for their first shows in years and are expected to release more music and announce additional touring this year.


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