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Gemini Syndrome – 3rd Degree – The Raising

Gemini Syndrome brings with the 3rd Degree - The Raising the final chapter in their trilogy. An excellent and powerful album full of hooked and groovy melodies.

Los Angeles rock band Classless Act unleash infectious debut single “Give It To Me”

Classless Act proves that rock is anything but dead with their debut single 'Give It To Me', out via Better Noise Music! Watch out for these guys!

Siiickbrain released intoxicating new single “Silence”

Experimental rock artist Siiickbrain released the captivating single and video 'Silence'! Check it our right now!

Sophie Powers unveiled music video for “Lonely Army”

Inspired by conversations about mental health, Sophie Powers wrote a soul-shaking new song called “Lonely Army” touching on feeling alone while surrounded by so

Ex-Ill Niño band mates regroup as Lions At The Gate and release debuted single

Ex-Ill Niño members combine forces again and formed the new band Lions At The Gates, bringing a brand new song that will kick some serious ass!

VOWWS released cover of Britney Spears hit “Womanizer”

The duo VOWWS totally unexpectedly released their "death-pop" take on the Brittney Spears classic 'Womanizer'!

Synth squad Glaare released their new single ‘Young Hell’!

Los Angeles synth squad Glaare released the first new single 'Young Hell' of their upcoming album 'Your Hellbound Heart'!

Fused By Defiance released official music video for “Cancel Culture”

Fused By Defiance warns for the wrong use of "Cancel Culture" in their new single, which is all too fitting with today's society...

The Distillers announced a very special holiday special: “Baby It’s Covid Outside” streaming event

The legendary punkers of The Distillers are doing a very special Christmas special, get your tickets right now!

Pushing Veronica is taking on the cancel culture with their new single

The young rockers of Pushing Veronica show some balls and are taking on the cancel culture in their latest single!