Lesibu Grand unleashed new video for feminist punk anthem “Not Sweet Enough”


Atlanta based new wave punk band Lesibu Grand have released their latest music video for their single “Not Sweet Enough,” premiering earlier with Fangoria. Of the many issues facing women in today’s society, “Not Sweet Enough” tackles two that have gained recent popularity in the public eye: sexual harassment and the renewed legislative attempts to restrict women’s right to choose. In the video, frontwoman Tyler-Simone Molton transforms into a real-life Barbie doll who has to ‘take care’ of her many male aggressors. The video pokes fun at gaslighters and gatekeepers alike, with Molton destroying them all as revenge. Watch the video for “Not Sweet Enough” here:

“When concepting for the ‘Not Sweet Enough’ video, we knew we wanted to highlight the emotional scars caused by growing up cisgender female in a male dominated patriarchy, and do so with a mix of real fury and dark humor,” Molton shares with Fangoria. “After teaming up with Atlanta video producers Sailorface, we were able to imagine and create this tiny macabre world by shooting in front of a green screen and transporting my image into a dollhouse. I was transformed into several different Barbie characters, which represent the female ideal to many American girls. As Barbie, I had some fun disposing my male aggressors in various ways, such as cutting toy wrestler Randy Orton’s head off and roasting it in the oven; tossing my hairdryer in the spa while Aquaman waits to be served and shoving Skeletor into an iron maiden that Barbie created in her refrigerator.

Towards the middle of the video when I take off in my Barbie Jeep, I give a long faux-livestream rant that addresses the dual threats of sexual harassment and legislative attacks on women’s rights. At the very end, it’s revealed that the entire video was just the active imagination of a young woman realizing the world outside her childhood dollhouse is not as inviting and accepting as she had been taught.”

This isn’t the first time Lesibu Grand has used their platform to make a statement – previous singles WFS, Hot Glue Gun, and Hot Glue Gun (PLS PLS REMIX) all tackle a different side of political activism, from governmental corruption to deeply engrained societal issues and what we can do as citizens to create change. Fans can stream “Not Sweet Enough” now at onerpm.link/notsweetenough Lesibu Grand (pronounced Le-SEE-boo Grand) is an indie-punk band from Atlanta that grew out of a songwriting partnership between singer Tyler-Simone Molton and bassist John Renaud. The band takes its influences from the NYC new wave scene, particularly Blondie and Talking Heads, 90s rock bands like Bikini Kill and L7, and current contemporaries including Big Joanie, Pleasure Venom, and Nova Twins. Distinguished by Tyler-Simone’s warmer, ethereal vocal style, Lesibu Grand fuses these two strains into a refreshingly modern sound in songs that explore the unexpected joys, sharp anxieties, and beguiling mysteries that abound us all.

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