Metal United World Wide: Summoning the Spirit of Metal

Metal United World Wide, the huge metal community effort, goes in the second round. The date is set: 15 June 2019! That’s only 4 months to go and preparations are speeding up.

Last year, it was a very long night, starting with Australia and Papua New Guinea with Asia, Africa and Europe joining in and the Americas closing up. There were too many highlights to count but one stand out was maybe the show in the Damaskus bazar. The Syrian capital is more associated with war than with party and it was great to see a metal party going on there. Check out last year’s Metal United World Wide in the archive.

Summoning the Spirit of Metal is not an easy task. Already around 40 promoters and organisers have joined forces to get the night of metal rolling. More are about to join. Media, label and PR partners support “MUWW” with announcements and spreading the word. For all those who would like to contribute, contact moc.s1713114723oor-k1713114723calb@1713114723leahc1713114723im1713114723 either for media/label/PR partnerships or if you would like to organise a show or add an existing show to MUWW. Contact Michael also for all other requests regarding contribution and participation. It is a community undertaking so the more the merrier.

So, let’s get to it. United We Stand, Divided We Fall! \m/

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