Near Tears drip with raw glamour on new single & video “Head Gonna Hurt”


Southern California based artist Justine Dorsey, known professionally as Near Tears, has released a new single today with “Head Gonna Hurt.” With its driving guitars and raw glamour all wrapped up in an infectious hook, the track finds Near Tears reminiscent of rock icon Blondie, with an attitude to match. Fans can stream the single here and check out the accompanying music video now at

On the inspiration behind “Head Gonna Hurt” Dorsey shares,

“You know the moment you decide you’re gonna have the drink that’ll put you over the edge for the night? The drink that, once it’s drunk, you’re in for a wicked hangover the next day? There’s a moment like that in love, when you decide you’re all in, even though you know it’s probably not gonna end well. I wrote this when I was driving out to meet someone I was newly dating and I thought to myself, ‘My head is gonna hurt so bad after this.’ And I went ahead and fell in love anyway.” 

Near Tears is the stage name of Whittier, CA native Justine Dorsey. It is an apt descriptor of her general state. Not quite from Orange County or Los Angeles, not quite Gen Z or millennial, not quite a loner but not quite part of any scene, the 25-year-old singer and songwriter is learning how to be a little in between everything. Wild is what most would call the typical Near Tears stage show. Dorsey and her band (including Kassie White on bass and Elyssa Hayrapet on guitar) don’t let up onstage until they’re practically sweating glitter. “I want to bring sexiness back to rock music. Onstage I wanna get hot, and I wanna turn us both on.” 

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