NeroArgento and The Silverblack team up to release remix of Oddko’s ‘D4TM’

Rockshots Records is proud to present a remix version of Oddko‘s “D4TM” from roster artists NeroArgento and TheSilverback.

The track was originally released in 2020 as part of Oddko‘s EP “Digital Gods”. The single has amassed over 640k streams and 750k YouTube views along with multiple awards win for its music video.

To watch the music video for the remix version of “D4TM” by NeroArgento and TheSilverblack, please visit the following link –

ODDKO is an LA-based independent alternative/industrial metal band spawned from the mind of director and motion designer Giovanni Bucci (Korn, Jane’s Addiction, Fleshgod Apocalypse), who started the band as a way to fully express himself in all dimensions, using the music to fuel the images and then feed back into the music.

Their debut EP, Digital Gods was written and composed by Giovanni, and for the initial recording, he tracked guitars, bass, and electronics, and programmed drums. Subsequently, he recorded the tracks with the help of Francesco Paoli (Fleshgod Apocalypse) and Dave Tavanti (Kpanic). Production and recording of cellos, violins, drums, bass, guitar, and various arrangements were orchestrated by Daniele Marinelli. The final magic touches were applied in Los Angeles with the help of producer/sound engineer Rob Romano, and the EP was mastered by Howie Weinberg (Rammstein, Madonna, Metallica).

The band’s current lineup is Giovanni Bucci (Lead Vocals), Francesco Paoli (Drums), Gideon “Obsidian” Garcia (Guitar), and Dave Tavanti (Bass).

The Silverblack is an industrial metal act based in Europe that has been active since 2014. Better known for their combination of aggressive metal onslaughts and eerie gothic atmospheres The Silverblack have recently obtained worldwide praise and exposure for their collaboration with former Fear Factory singer Burton C. Bell on the title track of their latest album “Judgment“.

NeroArgento is an award-winning Italian producer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and re-mixer. He released his sixth studio album “Land of Silence” via Rockshots Records on October 7th, 2022. “Land of Silence” follows the success of 2020’s “Circles”, which soared to #10 on the iTunes Top 200 Italy Rock Chart along with more than 1 million streams on Spotify. The new record is an explosive mixture of grunge rock, industrial metal, and electronic music, packed with orchestral influences and acid fuzzy sounds. It is also the most coherent album to date from NeroArgento‘s discography. It’s a solid industrial foundation composed of unmistakable low-tuned guitar riffs and very heavy drum grooves, topped with electronics and synths ranging from the most acid electro to retro wave pop-friendly melodies, without forgetting the usual and distinctive vocal layers. With great attention to every aspect, “Land of Silence” is entirely performed, recorded, and mixed by NeroArgento. The full-length was mastered by Brandon Ashley at D-Tuned in Brighton (UK) and features prominent guests such as Vicio (Subsonica) and Claudio Ravinale (Infernalizer).

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