New and improved website is up!


Welcome to our new and improved website! Enjoy everything we have to offer and let us know what you think about it. Our GRIMM team and the editors have worked long and hard to achieve this, and will be working even more to keep you guys updated about everything you want to know!



Who is GRIMM Gent? We basically all are people who love metal, rock and so much more. So we have a team of people who want to cover as much as possible, ranging from organizing events to an editorial team who wants to make sure you have something to read while taking a shit on the toilet (or anywhere really, it’s the web, go wild!). In the last three years, we evolved from a small group of no more than three people, to a team of ten people, each working their ass of to make sure fans have something to do, almost every week. But all of this wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers, ranking over 50 people now, who help us out whenever we need extra hands. There is so much to do and thanks to their passion and enthusiasm, we can achieve our goals and bring the many rock en metal fans gigs, parties, new bands and much more. With over more than 40 events each year (most of them free!), we try to get people together and enjoy some music, beer and headbanging!

Other than that, the most important part are the bands. GRIMM wants to host both local and faraway, smaller, bands and get them on stage, get them known! Not only at our own gigs, but also at the gigs of our many partners, we want to make sure everybody knows about it. With great bands comes great music, and there are so many talented musicians who just need to get more chances! That’s why, in the future, we’ll be looking at more possibilities to help them out any way we can.

So be sure to check in for news, latest gigs or upcoming events, and the many changes that the future has in store for us!


The cornerstone of our operation: parties! GRIMM started out to get people together and enjoy a good show, some great beer and just have an awesome time together. Almost every week we got something planned for you guys, almost all of our gigs and other events free (even if you’re not a member!). Be sure to check out our events page to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Of course, we are not the only planners in the world and we do work together with a lot of partners who also just want to do the same thing! So make sure you’re not missing out on a great party or that band you’ve just been dying to see!

What are you waiting for? Grab you’re calendar and check them out right here!


Not only do we have a great team of volunteers, we also have our editorial staff who is enlarging quickly! Freshly baked authors and editors are welcomed to the GRIMM experience with the launch of our new website (the one you are currently on, we’re not planning on changing it every week). Everybody has their own little area of preferences and expertise, so versatile we can offer reports and reviews of the many, many subgenres our favorite music has to offer. The goal? To evolve in the coming months to an awesome team who brings you fresh content regularly to make sure you’ll never have a dull moment whilst on the web.

Our editors try to bring you the latest news, with a focus on the local scene and smaller groups who just need some more media attention. Other than that, we’ll bring you reviews of the latest releases, coverages of any show you might have missed. If that isn’t up your alley, you might find one of our interviews to be more you cup of tea, and check out our other sections like some good stories, metal-themed trips throughout the world or even some metal & rock science! 

All this and much more to come on our new and improved! 


Our heart of the whole operation are our members! These individuals are the most important reason we can do this with their support! Members only pay a small fee of €5 to get a card, which gives us the opportunity to book bands and venues! In return? Our members get cheap booze on every event we do at every venue we visit! At our metal nights in music center Kinky Star, members buy a card where they get their fifth beer for free. If you prefer heavy beer, that same card can be used as a discount as well! Whilst rocking at the pub Den Drummer, members can lavish themselves for two hours where beers are only €1,5 for members only (time to stock up!), every GRIMM event from 11pm till 1am. And all year long, at the pub ‘t Genoegen, members get Petrus beer at a discount (all varieties). 

That isn’t everything, working together with our many partners, GRIMM members get a discount for many shows or some free drinks. This is also the case at our own GRIMM Fests, where members get coupons to get the drinking starting! And then there are few events with limited places, which are exclusive to our members.

But the best thing? That feeling knowing you’re helping us out trying to give you a good time, every time!

What else do we have in store? A lot of things will change not only online, but in the real world as well. We have a lot of great ideas and literally giving up sleep to enhance the GRIMM experience both for our members, the musicians or people who just love metal and rock music! 

We are building up some services for bands, to make sure they have everything they need. We’re working with new partners so you, our readers, get every little bit of information you’ll want and beyond that, we want to work together with as many organisations who are willing to make sure every metalhead, every rocker and so many more, will never miss anything, ranging from events not done by us to a webshop for bands, so you’ll be able to get your hands on that new album you’ve been wanting!

In short: we have a lot more for you in the future and most importantly, rock on!