New daily band announcement for Alcatraz 2019! 2 more names have been added!

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Alcatraz Music yet again released two more bandnames for the lineup of Alcatraz 2019!

Thrash Metal band Flotsam and Jetsam, as well as Heavy / Power Metal band Firewind have just been added to the already wonderful lineup!



Two more bands have been announced for Alcatraz 2019!

Another day = another band announcement for Alcatraz 2019!

Two more names for Alcatraz 2019!

New lineup announcement for Alcatraz 2019: Time for another touch of Swedish metal!

Some more eighties Heavy Metal on Alcatraz 2019!

Some more Black Metal coming to Alcatraz 2019!

Another double announcement for Alcatraz 2019!

The announcements for Alcatraz 2019 continue!

Double announcement for Alcatraz 2019!

Ticketsale for Alcatraz 2019 has begun and band nr 8 has just been revealed!

7th band announcement for Alcatraz 2019 adds some Death Metal to the bill!

Black Saturday? Alcatraz announces band nr 6 for Alcatraz 2019!

5th band announcement for Alcatraz 2019!

4th band announcement for Alcatraz 2019!

Band announcement nr. 3 for Alcatraz 2019!

A second name for Alcatraz 2019’s lineup has been revealed! 

Alcatraz Music announces first name for Alcatraz Festival 2019!



The ticketsale for Alcatraz 2019 started on the 26th of November!

We’ll be there, how about you?

Ticketsale for Alcatraz 2019 has begun!

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