Diablo Blvd (Trix)

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Zero Hour is upon us and what an album it is. Diablo Blvd reinvented themselves and it’s not been a bad thing at all. As lead singer Alex Agnew said in his interview with us in July, it’s a very different album compared to the previous three, they brought some friends and this was our impression of the release show.

I must admit, my night didn’t start out too well. I missed Furia because parking space was once again scarce. I started photographing Tangled Horns and damn, this was one of the most difficult ones I’ve done before, what drives these guys? The pink Duracell bunny? They barely stood still, but I got a couple good shots. The main act was obviously Diablo Blvd and their new album, Zero Hour. If you were there, tell us what you think in the comments, I’m curious!

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