Dinosaur Jr. (Trix, Antwerp) – 19/10/2022

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The moment I walked into Trix I felt warm and fuzzy (pun intended). Garcia Peoples really layed down a warm blanket to warm up the crowd. With a full sound that filled the entire room wall to wall they really catered to the varied crowd that ultimately came for the godfathers of indie/garage rock.

It’d been 13 years since I’ve last seen Dinosaur Jr. and my ears were still buzzing. For starters J. Mascis – who might very well be one of the best guitarists in the world, but just couldn’t care less about titles – is known for linking his amps through, turning them up to eleven and using the dirtiest, grittiest fuzz around. Combined with Lou Barlow‘s deep rolling grabber bass that sounds just like Lou looks and Murph‘s technical drums in a rather small venue, this results in one hell of a wall of sound.

After nearly four decades of touring they still focus all their energy on their music. No colourful backdrops and fancy light show. No costumes or gimmicks. Just 3 men and an awesome collection of vintage guitars and fuzz pedals and the knowledge of how to play a crowd. Opening with “The Lung” sure did the trick and they had the crowd eating out of their hand from minute one. One thing that immediately stood out was how J Mascis‘ voice hasn’t changed a bit in those 38 years. In fact, he hasn’t aged at all in the last 20 years. He not only sounds, but also still looks exactly the same with his iconic long grey hair, large glasses and vintage Jazzmaster collection.

In conclusion I can’t say much more than: “These guys still got it”. They still deliver exactly what we expect from Dinosaur Jr. and even topped it off with a The Cure cover!

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