Mantah CD release show (Club de B, Torhout, BE) – 29/10/2022

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Bart Vandeportaele left Spoil Engine in 2018 and has since been working with vocalist Sven Herssens (of Fields of Troy) on some new music. Two years later, they were joined by bassist Bert Nauwynck (Diecast Unit), drummer Lothar Ryheul (Fields of Troy) and guitarist Dennis Wyffels (Lethal Injury / Bloodrocuted) to form their new band, called Mantah!

Another 2 years later they release their first album ‘Evoke’ and, after a well-received try-out the week before, give an official release party at Club de B in Torhout, Belgium.

Spoil Engine fans are sure to be spoiled tonight: Not only are they here to see Bart again, Iris (ex-Spoil Engine singer) is also back with her new band Three Times Royal! Since they don’t have a drummer yet, Siebe Hermans (Coffin Feeder, When Plagues Collide) has joined them for the live performance. And Iris even joined Mantah for a moment to guest vocal on their encore song!

Opening act was the Belgian metalcore band Secondhand Saints.


Setlist Mantah:

Drown, Game Over, Abstain, Dead Inside, Breaking Away, In Vain, Unawake, Here to Stay (cover), The Enemy

Encore: Game over (once again, since the audience kept screaming for more but they had already played all the songs they’ve got so far, guest vocals by Iris).

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