Album Reviews

Mantah brings you low tuned and heavy guitar riffs. Their album ‘Evoke’ gives a mix between late 90s nu metal, modern metal and metalcore, very melodic and heavy at the same time. A beautiful album to listen to, musically at first, but also lyrically when you take the time to dive deeper into this album.

Photo Reports


Ex-Spoil Engine’s guitarist Bart Vandeportaele’s new band Mantah released their first Album ‘Evoke’ with a release show in Club de B in Torhout, Belgium while (also ex-Spoil Engine) Iris’ new band Three Times Royal warms up the crowd right after opener Secondhand Saints!

Gig Reports

There were many reasons to be excited for this. This night was set up to be a blast no matter what with a whole lot of firsts! First live shows from promising bands Secondhand Saints, Three Times Royal and Mantah!