Nightwish “Human :II: Nature” Tour (Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany) – 18/12/2022

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On December 18th, 2022 Nightwish performed their last German gig of the ‘Human :II: Nature’ tour 2022 at Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart. Together with Turmion Kätilöt and Beast in Black, an all Finland based metal night was going to take place.

In the fully packed and sold out venue, about 12.5K metal-fans were awaiting the first band of the evening: Turmion Kälitöt. This band is somehow special of its own – firstly their stage outfit, 2 active singers whirling around on stage constantly and the unique style of their music which includes a combination of electronic music and metal, often dubbed as “disko metal”. This mix was well received and got the crowd going.

Second on stage was Beast in Black with their more classic heavy metal sound and stage-show. The charismatic singer Yannis Papadopoulos dominated the stage by his charismatic voice and high-pitched notes – sometimes when you close your eyes you were not able to decide if this is a male or female voice.  Remarkable is their double guitar play and their synchronized moves like Status Quo did in early 70s.

The heated up crowd was tensed now and eagerly looking forward to the headliner of the evening. And Nightwish took the venue over instantly as they appear on stage. Floor Jansen took control immediately and the band presented a perfect mix of old and new symphonic metal songs. The combination of Floor‘s charismatic voice, the fantastic light show, the great stage animations in the back and some pyro was overwhelming. Even though Troy Donockley mentioned that the ‘evil is lurking in Stuttgart, and it’s called Glühwein’ (Glühwein is mulled wine or in Finland better known as Glögi) – seemed like they made some experience on the night before the gig on the local Christmas market.

At the end, a fully happy and satisfied crowd spent a great Finnish metal night. Hope you’ll enjoy our photo report!

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