Pain “I Am On Tour Europe 2023” (Backstage Halle, Munich) – 04/11/2023

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Saturday night, and the Halle room from the Backstage Club is completely packed. Personally I think it’s a bit of a mistake to have put this event in this room, as it’s too small for so many people, probably leaving many frustrated at not being able to get a ticket. Perhaps the reason for not using the club’s larger room had to do with an event on the same day and probably just as large, I don’t know… what is certain is that getting some photographs under the conditions presented was an almost impossible task.

Founded in Japan in 2009 as Suicide Heaven, they were on the road as Gyze between 2011 and 2023, changed their name this year to RYUJIN, and announced a worldwide contract with Napalm Records. They were the first band to take to the stage in the Halle room at Backstage in Munich, and for about half an hour they showed that they are technically gifted and very happy to have the opportunity to win over new people in Munich.

Eleine came from Sweden and showed that they are a well-trained band with a good fan base. Madaleine Liljestam, powerful in voice and stage presence, spread her magic to everyone present, leaving the male audience completely mesmerised by her beauty and sensuality. It was a very confident and powerful concert, which stirred the crowd into believing that we could soon have a tour as headliners to present their latest album “We Shall Remain”, dated 2023, because the short concert they gave here felt like too little.

After a short break, one of the pioneers of what is now known as pagan metal, Finnish band Ensiferum, took to the stage. It was a good concert, very lively and with a lot of people who were there to see them perform, but unfortunately it was again too short for a big band like them. We look forward to their return to Munich so that the party can be in full swing.

It was clear that the time was against what was going on in the Hall Backstage room, as there was a big event at the club and everything had to happen quickly and under strict control. A good-humoured short film featuring Pain’s mascot played on the screen, and so began the party for the band’s concert in Munich. For about an hour and a half, they played all the hits to please both young and old audiences. The live show is worth seeing. The enthusiasm and joy with which things are done in a genuine and natural way, manage to convey and communicate their messages in a funny way and entertain those present. Perhaps such a large audience had a negative impact on Pain‘s performance and the madness didn’t happen in Munich as Peter Tägtgren and co. had hoped, it was very good, but it could have been excellent and unforgettable.

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