Pyrefest (Asgaard Gentbrugge, Belgium) – 26/2/2022

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As one of our first events at our very own venue Asgaard, we had the pleasure to welcome Pyrefest, organised by the band Patroness who brought along the bands Cobracide, Kludde and Mordkaul for a evening of quality metal cultivated in Belgian soil!


Setlist: Trails – AOTD – Inner Aggr. – Black Magic – Schizo Decay


Setlist: Undeceive – Art – Dominae – Crows – Visions – Seclusion – Fatum


Setlist: Horla I – Rabauwen – Kludde IV – Bloedkoesj – Ignis Fatuus – Heilige Perversiteiten – Commerçant – Zout der Mistroost


Setlist: Eve – Aurora – Swarm – Onwards to Hell – Virgin Whore – The Widow Black- Bring Me Her Head – All Out War – Lack Of Comprehension – Dress Code Blood

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