Rolo Tomassi (Feierwerk, Munich) – 11/02/2023

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We arrived early at the Feierwerk in Munich, to mark our position in the front line as we know the rooms here are small and there are no photopits in the hope of getting some good shots in the middle of the crowd. The night starts off very heavy with the British Heriot, a mix of genres ranging from hardcore to sludge, they showed that the potential is there in the band and that time will surely bring good results.

Coming from North America, Holy Fawn are a very interesting post-rock band that already has some years of existence and a few albums released. Little known in Europe they deserve a close listen and a trip to see them live is worth it, they started out as a folk band.

Rolo Tomassi are new to me, I confess! In a search on the Munich nightclubs’ agenda I saw the name, I found it curious and decided to listen to it. The surprise was immediate and the request to try to get a photo was instantaneous. A little more research and I could understand a little more of the band’s importance in the UK alternative music scene. Chaos and beauty mix together in the music composed by Rolo Tomassi, their music can be described as a mixture of various musical genres that live becomes even more alive and strong. An explosive performance that left everyone present with a smile on their face and the sweat on their body.

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